Why I Only Wash My Hair During the Weekend

Why I Only Wash My Hair During the Weekend

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Hello and happy Sunday. The idea for this post came to me after sharing my hair care products and tools. I wanted to explain the reasons why I initially decided to wash my hair only during the weekend, and also what has made me stay with this regime.

I used to wash my hair everyday up until a few years ago. I was that girl who would always have wet hair at school. That was the norm for me because it’s what my mom has always done. And probably today I’d still be washing my hair every single day if I hadn’t had my surgery. Back in 2015, I underwent a breast reduction, which meant I had bandages for two or three weeks. That alone made showering really difficult, and I wasn’t going to add washing my hair to the mix. On top of that, for a few weeks after my surgery, I developed this aversion to water. I couldn’t have water near me because it all of a sudden had this weird scent that reminded me of the recovery room, so after going to a hair salon once to get my hair washed, I decided I would leave it as it was until the bandages were gone and I was able to shower properly.

I spent two full weeks without washing my hair, and what I learned from it was that: 1. my hair got super dirty super quickly because my scalp was already used to being washed so often, and 2. after a week or so, the hair stops getting dirty. Two weeks without washing my hair was obviously excessive in normal conditions, but once I got my bandages removed, I decided I would wash my hair only on the weekends or after a workout because I was really into Zumba at the time.

One of the reasons why I’ve kept washing my hair only on the weekends is that I feel that what I do to my hair lasts longer. If I use leave-in conditioner or oil, I can still smell it in my hair days after applying it because by not washing it, I’m not removing the product. Obviously, when I iron or curl my hair, it stays longer that way. If you dye your hair, then you should know that if you wash your hair less frequently, then the color will remain longer, especially if it’s one of those fantasy colors. There’s nothing more frustrating when dyeing your hair than having a fresh color applied, and seeing all the dye fall off your head and go down the drain.

Now, I want to go back to what I said about product application because there’s another advantage related to this when you only wash your hair once or twice a week: you are saving money because you’re saving product. Think about it in the simplest terms; even if you’re only using shampoo and conditioner, it’s two applications a week versus seven. That means that those product will last you around three times as much as if you were washing your hair daily. Add to that leave-in conditioners, sprays and other products that can only be applied to wet hair. You’re welcome.

I already touched on this earlier, but I feel that my hair is stronger in the sense that it’s more resistant. When I used to wash my hair everyday, I was stripping it from its natural oils, and I was making it dependent on the daily wash, which meant that if I didn’t wash it for a single day, it would get super greasy immediately. Of course my hair gets dirty throughout the week because it is experiencing five days without being washed, but it can hold a little longer without looking like a greasy mess. Aside from that, I honestly feel that it’s way healthier now. If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning, then you probably have also followed all the changes my hair has underwent. I haven’t dyed my hair in over a year now and I feel that it’s the prettiest it’s been .

Finally, not washing my hair everyday means that I take shorter showers on weekdays. No, I’m not going to talk about the impact this has on the environment, although it’s a nice side effect. I’m going to talk about how exhausting washing my hair is for me personally, and how I love saving those ten extra minutes in the morning. Washing my hair is also energy-consuming (and again, I’m talking about myself and not the environment), so that’s why I like to leave it for the weekends, when I’m more rested and I can incorporate this step into my self-care routine and see it more as a treat than a chore.

How often do you wash your hair and why? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila