Dear Freelancer: Find Something You Really Love

Dear Freelancer: Find Something You Really Love


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Hello and happy Thursday. I usually schedule my posts, which means that sometimes I write them way ahead of time and I repeat myself. I know that I’ve written like one or two “tips for freelancers” kind of posts, but I don’t know if they’ve been published yet. Basically, after dipping my toes in the freelancing world,  I decided to share some of the things I’ve learned so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did and can enjoy this stage of your professional life to the fullest.

Today’s piece of advice seems obvious, but trust me, once you’ve been working for days without rest and you want nothing to do with your job, it becomes less so. I’ve seen tons of YouTube channels dedicated to talking about online learning platforms which you can join to teach English to children in China. The requirements are honestly pretty simple, and these people promoting the companies seem very excited about their jobs, mainly because they don’t have to leave their house, and in some cases, they don’t even have to shower or change out of their sweatpants.

Now, I use this as an example because it’s perfect for me to illustrate why you really need to love what you do as a freelancer. You see, these super energetic people who teach while wearing PJs have the weirdest schedules because they must adjust to China’s timezone. That means waking up at 3am and going to bed at midnight. I don’t know the exact times because they differ depending on your timezone, but you get the point. You also need to have a background and the specifications for it change depending on the company. Additionally, some companies require you to wear a certain color of clothing and to have a headset for class. I get that these sound like small things to some, but not to everyone, which is why when choosing what to do, you must consider everything.

Loving what you do is also essential when you have to work more than you would in a traditional job. Schools operate for seven or eight hours, and working on weekends was a very sporadic thing for me. However, as a freelancer, I would make myself available at 7am and work until 5pm. That’s ten hours, and sometimes even more because the good orders would come in the late afternoon.  I also worked on weekends and during a trip…imagine if I were doing that and hating every second of it.

My suggestion is to look through all the options available. If you’re into online teaching, don’t stick with the first one that pops up, which is probably the most popular and the one making the most effort to be known, but it might not be the best. Being a freelancer means that you’re not committed to a single company, so take advantage of that and find what truly makes you happy.

Do you have any other tips for freelancers? Share them in the comments below.

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

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