How I Use My Apple Watch in Class

How I Use My Apple Watch in Class

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Hello and happy Wednesday. This post is going to be really short and sweet, but if you’re a teacher and you’re thinking about buying an Apple Watch, I will make sure that when this post is over you’re convinced.

When I worked in my first school, I imposed a very strict no-phone rule on myself that I kept whenever I was in class. I was able to follow this rule about 95% of the time, and I really didn’t feel the need to use my phone because I was working, you know? I had to stay focused.

Now in this other school, where the conditions were different because I was teaching high school and I really didn’t have any more content to teach for a while, so yes, I was guilty for a moment there of using my phone in the classroom.

After I got some money saved and was a little bit more stable, I decided I’d buy an Apple Watch, mainly to avoid the temptation of taking my phone into the classroom and also because it’s a new toy and I like new toys. The main use I give my Apple Watch is the timer one, and I think that’s something teachers from all subjects and grade levels can take advantage of.

I decided to start timing my students in a more consistent way and I felt that my classes were more organized each time. I give them the instructions for an assignment and tell them how much time I’ll destine to it. Sometimes they tell me even before they start working that they feel they might need more time, so we negotiate a bit, but still we don’t have those dead moments in which nobody is doing anything. I also feel that giving them the chance to estimate how much they take makes them be more organized and proactive. They can start viewing tasks in terms of complexity and duration, which will help us prioritize when doing independent work.

When working with tenth grade, they had to write and read a one-minute speech. I would literally cut them off when that minute passed and wouldn’t let them continue. That was challenging and stressful and got me a few “No, Miss,” but it was a fun task and I could see the satisfaction when the students finished within that minute.

On the other hand, my ninth graders had to do a fifteen minute presentation, and one of the items I was assessing was the use of time. If the presentation lasted way less than the fifteen minutes they were given, their grade would be affected. This task helped my students structure a presentation in which fluency, pronunciation and pace were very important. They had to be mindful on how they organized the information they were going to share, and the end result were very cohesive and “professional” presentations.

Now, are you sold? What do you use your Apple Watch for? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila