Mila Watches: Fuller House

Mila Watches: Fuller House


Hello and happy Tuesday. It’s the queen of consistency here with what was supposed to be called Netflix Talk and now is called Mila Watches because Mila is too lazy to change the thumbnail. Fuller House, the show I’ll talk about today, can be found on Netflix, in case you want to watch it.

Let’s keep this short and sweet, like the actual episodes of Fuller House. It features a grownup DJ Tanner, now DJ Fuller, who has three kids and recently lost her husband. Does this sound familiar to you? If this happened in Colombia, they would’ve called a priest to remove the curse that’s been put upon the family because having three kids and a dead spouse seems like something that happens in every generation.

We also have Stephanie, Kimmy, and her daughter Ramona, as well as DJ’s three sons. Care to guess who else makes appearances in pretty much every episode? Well, of course, Danny, Becky, Jesse, and Joey. At first it was cute, then it became annoying. I mean, they’re recurring characters, not guest stars in the show.

Obviously, we get a lot of the same Full House bs, and if you don’t know what I mean, look for the post I did on that show. However, Fuller House is a 21st century show, and as such, I could relate to so much that I just didn’t get from the original show. I also think that because of the time and the fact that it’s three female main characters, the topics are way more open and less PG.

Anyways, there’s not that much to say about Fuller House. It’s nice and entertaining and something to watch if you have a lot of free time this summer. In the comments below tell me about the show you’re currently watching.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila