“Living on One Dollar” Discussion Questions

“Living on One Dollar” Discussion Questions

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Hello and happy Saturday. When I started my brief period as a high school teacher I was struggling to get ideas for lessons. The academic term was already over so basically all the topics had been already covered by another teacher, there were no graded assignments, but there was still what felt to me like a long time before term tests and then the beginning of the new term.

It’s no secret that Netflix has become a teacher’s best friend when it comes to situations like the one I just described, especially when you have the app and you can just download the movies or documentaries you want to watch in class without the need to rely on internet access. But, hey, I wasn’t just going to play whatever and call it a day, so I actually looked for a documentary my students and I would find interesting and I would follow up said documentary with some discussion questions.

That’s how my TpT product, “Living On One Dollar” Discussion Questions came to life. I specifically used these questions to assess my students’ speaking skills, but you can set up a round-table kind of dynamic and ask questions for students to start a conversation on those topics. You can use them as writing prompt or even as the bases for bigger projects.

I was honestly surprised at some of the answers my students gave to me, and I learned things about them I wouldn’t have imagined in a million years, like the fact that they engage in social work and help underprivileged communities. If maybe you’re interested in the documentary, for teaching purposes or for personal ones, but you don’t have Netflix or aren’t sure if you want to watch it yet, you can click here and watch the trailer. And if you end up downloading my product and using it for your classes, let me know how everything went.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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