Gotta Be Fall Somewhere

Gotta Be Fall Somewhere

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

Hello and happy Monday. Let me be completely honest right now and tell you it’s the middle of October, and I’m really in the mood for a lowkey Halloween look. I know, I know, and I’m not sorry because let’s face it, there are places in the world where it’s fall and not spring like in the States, so today I’m going to cater to all your earth-toned wants and needs and bring you this black smokey eye and orangey nude lip. Below are the steps I followed to achieve this look.

  1. Primer
  2. Stick contour
  3. Concealer
  4. Foundation
  5. Powder
  6. Eyebrows
  7. Black eyeliner (bottom half of the top lid)
  8. Matte brown (crease)
  9. Shimmery black (eyelid)
  10. Mascara
  11. Bronzer
  12. Blush
  13. Highlighter
  14. Nude lipliner
  15. Orange lip gloss
  16. Matte setting spray

Now, obviously October is one of my favorite months to be really extra and out there with my makeup. Which is yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila