Sugar Bear Hair: After

Sugar Bear Hair: After

Hello and happy Sunday. First and foremost, this is not the picture I wanted to use but silly me forgot to take an “after” picture, so we’ll use this one because I look super hot, okay?

Instead of what I’ve been doing in the other posts, which is basically telling you the changes I’ve noticed in my hair and nails, I’ll tell you what I’ve been experiencing after finishing my two months of Sugar Bear Hair.

Let’s go back a little while because some of you might be new here. After a rough time for me, emotionally, in which I discovered that due to anxiety and probably poor eating habits my hair was falling off, I felt like I needed a boost. I had tried the Sugar Bear Hair gummy vitamins before and was in love, so I thought they could really help me again.

Over those two months in which I tool the gummy vitamins, I did feel that my hair was stronger, shinier, and overall healthier looking. It was getting its shape back and I was very happy with it. Now something to understand here is that when you take supplements and stop, you might be running the risk of what people who stop dieting or exercising go through: the effect just dissipates. I feared that my hair would go back to look opaque and unhealthy and that the falling out would increase once I stopped taking my Sugar Bear Hair, but that hasn’t happened.

I feel that after those two months of nourishing and love, my own body somehow has regained the ability to keep my hair beautiful and healthy. I feel that the falling out has gone back to the normal, expected amount, and that my hair has gone back to where it was before all the bad stuff happened. It has also grown so much that I now can pretty much do any hairdo except for a braid, but let’s give that a few more months.

In the comments below I’d like you to tell me some “glow up” stories.

Happy Sunday!
Love, Miss Camila


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