My New Teacher Notebook

My New Teacher Notebook

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Hello and happy Saturday. Yes, today I actually have a teaching-related post like we used to have every Saturday way back when. I wanted to share with you the teacher notebook I bought in Spain, which I got for about $22. Now, I know we’re all good people here and none of you would think about doing anything with the pictures of the inside of my notebook, but sadly there are people who might use the pictures to “create” and sell their own teacher notebooks, and that’s something I don’t want to risk. For that reason, I’ll just describe to you what the notebook has and you’ll have to rely on your imagination to picture it. Let’s get started, shall we?

When you open the notebook you have calendars for the 2017-2018, 2019-2019, and 2019-2020 school years. That itself is awesome because it means this can be used throughout the years. Then there is a cardboard cover and the actual “notebook” begins. You have a page to fill in your contact information, and then some blank pages. What I love about this is that every section has written “instructions” of ways in which you can use it. For example: the first two blank pages say “use this pages to past documents and information of your school, or for free notes,” and the second set of blank pages says “use this pages to glue the class calendar.

You then get a section of blank schedules to fill out, and I love the fact that they include Saturdays and Sundays. The next section was game-changing to me because its designed for you to draw your class blueprints. I would laminate that part and use either whiteboard markers or stickers to make that section reusable, but I think it’s genius when you’re thinking about how to place your students (you know I’m all for assigned seating).

There’s a section for you to add meetings, parent conferences, and school activities, which it’s divided by months, so it comes in really handy, especially when you’re doing your yearly planning. You get some blank checklists, and there are enough for the entire year, so if you organize your to-do’s into short and long term, this will be great for you. There is more space for you to jot down ideas and projects you might have, and at the end of this first section, there’s a birthday page.

Then comes the planning section. You first get a monthly planner, which is basically like an empty calendar. Then there’s another thing that sold me on this notebook and it’s the weekly planner. I love it because you get the entire week in a single page, and that is important for me because it allows me to see the “big picture” of my classes. There’s enough space to be somewhat detailed about the planning, and that’s also important for me. This weekly planner obviously takes up a big portion of the notebook.

We then have the list section, so basically there are many blank lists waiting to be filled with grades and check-marks. I personally used to struggle with the list thing because I felt that the ones I’d downloaded didn’t have enough space for grades or assignments and so I found myself having to print new ones over and over. Here you’re covered for a long time, trust me.

Another really cool section is about the students, so for example you get lists to fill with their parents’ contact information, other data and observations. I used to work at a school where parents were super involved, so it was common to meet with them regularly, and having a chart like this one comes in super handy. Then on the flip side of the information page, there are attendance lists. I think especially for homeroom teachers it is key to check attendance. Also, if you know when a student was absent, you can help them catch up because you know the exact day.

There’s also a meeting planner, which again, comes in super handy when registering one’s interactions with parents. I think that teachers nowadays have to be extremely organized, and that also includes recording any data that might be important. In this same section, there is space to write information about students and possible meetings.

The final section has a set of lined paper to take notes on meetings, and then some pages where you can write links and other contact information. There are also some plastic pockets at the end, and other cardboard pieces to use as bookmarks or separators or whatever.

I think you get the idea of why I fell in love with my teacher notebook. In the comments below let me know the kind of organizer or planner you use at work.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila