Primark Haul

Primark Haul

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Hello and happy Saturday. This is going to be a pretty random haul because it turns out that Primark invoices are really tough to understand and I’ve already forgotten half of the stuff I bought there. Basically, I’m sharing with you the items I could figure out. Let’s get started, shall we?

I finally got one of those digital luggage scales because I thought it would come in handy for my trip to Baltimore. It did, although when I decided to come back home ten days later, I didn’t really care much about the weight of my suitcases and ended up having to pay extra for one. This scale cost $7.02.

If you’re in need of cheap underwear, you’ll find it at Primark. I got this bra for $3.51. Now, it’s obviously not the best quality and I know it’s not going to last me long, but it’s a good basic piece and not all bras need

to last ten years.

I’m that person who always ends up redoing their nails halfway through a trip. What can I say? My nails are super healthy and they grow at a fast pace. Besides, this cute set was $1.17. The files are alright, clearly nowhere near my glass ones in terms of quality, but they serve the purpose in case of emergencies.

This is like “that Instagram bra” but cheaper. I really bought it out of curiosity because going out and about without a real bra is not for me. I have yet to find an occasion to wear it, although I think that’ll be in a very relaxed environment, probably somewhere with warm weather. I got this bra for $7.02, so it better do something.

That’s all I could figure out from what I bought. In the comments below, tell me which of this items you’d get for yourself and why.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila