My 18th Birthday

My 18th Birthday

THROWBACK THURSDAY (2).pngHello and happy Thursday. So far, I’ve told you about my 15th birthday, which was absolutely crappy, and my 25th birthday, which was super lowkey because I spent it traveling with my mom. Well, when I turned 18, I felt like one of those stereotypical popular girls you see in shows and movies.

I turned 18 on a Friday, and that day was coincidentally a Jean’s Day, which meant I wouldn’t run the risk of wearing the wrong uniform again. I was in eleventh grade, which means I was a senior. The eleventh grade classrooms faced each other and were connected by a terrace on one side. This is relevant information, I promised.

One of my best friends was in eleventh B with me, and the other one was in eleventh A. It was common for girls to go to either classroom before the bell rang and hang out there, but when I got to my classroom, I noticed nobody was there. I went to eleventh A, and I was almost inside, when I heard squeals and whispers, and then somebody closed the door and told me to go to my classroom, which I did because I didn’t have much of a choice.

Some of my friends arrived and gave me candy, but there was still no sign of my best friends. The bell rang and everyone from my class was sitting down as always, when the door burst open and all the girls from the other classroom came in and started singing “happy birthday” to me. They were preceded by my best friend, who was carrying one of her mom’s famous chocolate cakes. I was over the moon.

At lunch time, the entire cafeteria sang happy birthday to me, and we cut the cake and gave a piece to every girl from my class, plus my sisters and some of her friends, and this girl who was turning 15 and wasn’t having the best time.

I would love to know about your own 18th birthday. Was it as special as mine was? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

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