My Paper Heart Audiobook Review

My Paper Heart Audiobook Review

Hello and happy Wednesday. Today I will be reviewing the last audiobook I listened to on the bus while going to a job I had a hard time adjusting to. Let’s just say, this feels like the end of an era and I’m kinda disappointed that the book we’re finishing up with is not the best out there. I’m talking about My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon. Let’s get started, shall we?

One thing I hate is when books reference the title, or rather quote the title. I think that’s stupid and that literally happened in this book in the first sentence. While we were just getting to know each other, the main character threw a bombshell: “My father has always been the patriarch.” What? Seriously? Talk about first impressions, huh?

Now the plot of this novel is one of the oldest clichés in the history of romance: city girl is sent away to the countryside. It was very predictable for some reason, just like this entire story, if I’m being honest. Obviously we all know what happens when the girl is sent away, right? Cue the mysterious stranger.

Something I liked and that had really nothing to do with the story itself but that I still enjoyed was the narrator’s raspy voice. It reminded me of Laura Prepon, and I wasn’t mad about it. I also thought it was cool that the chapters were short because I was listening to this on the bus and sometimes I got sleepy, so I could just listen to one more and go to sleep. I didn’t have to interrupt one or wait a long time until it was over.

The main character herself was kind of problematic to me. I mean, she acted like she was being sent to jail instead of spending some time with family. She also was super conceited and for some reason hated every woman around her, which for me was not pleasant to listen. Her thoughts about her own family members were mean. She thought her cousin’s life would change if she was given a makeover. And oh, right, spoiler alert: she ends up with her cousin’s crush.

You know I don’t like when authors include triggering topics just to make the plot more interesting. If you are sensitive to content related to eating disorders and/or assault, then please don’t read this book. Actually, even if you aren’t, find something else. This book was honestly very poorly written and edited, and the worst part is that it’s just the first in a series.

I want to know of a sexy audiobook that I can listen to now that I’ll soon go back to work and will endure even longer bus rides. Share your recommendations in the comments.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila