I Got Tinder Gold

I Got Tinder Gold

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Hello and happy Saturday. Given my decision of coming back home, I had to sit down and be honest with myself about this plan of mine of marrying a foreigner, most likely an American, and living abroad. I had to be realistic, come to terms with the fact that 1) this isn’t my priority right now, and 2) if I’m staying in Colombia, chances are I’ll end up with a Colombian guy, and that is fine. Okay, I’m still working on that one, but for now let’s stick to #1, right? It’s not like I want to get married any time soon, anyway.

Still, I decided I needed to start somewhere, to look around, to “shop local.” I already had Tinder and Bumble on my phone (Bumble is still completely useless for me, thank you very much), but thought it’d be a good idea to pay for the upgraded service. Let me note here that I paid just about the same amount of money for one week of Bumble Boost than what I paid for a full month of Tinder Gold. That’s ridiculous, seriously.

Because Bumble is absolutely useless to me and has gotten me nowhere, and trust me, I’ve tried it in four countries already, I’m going to stick to Tinder Gold. When you pay for Tinder, I think you get the chance to change your location, so if I were to travel somewhere soon and wanted to be in contact with locals beforehand, I could just type that location instead of my current one. I’m saying “I think” because I haven’t used that feature, and I’m not sure it’s actually available for Tinder Gold. What I do know is that you’re shown every person who’s ever liked or swiped right on you.

Tinder is still relatively new, right? Like, it’s probably been around for three or four years, and I’m one of its OG users for sure. I don’t know if I’ve deleted my Tinder account, but I think not, and because it’s linked to my Facebook and I’ve always kept the same profile, I’m inclined to think that my current Tinder is the one I’ve had from the start. I’m giving you this time frame as a reference so that you understand that I’m by no means a bombshell who over the course of a week got more than 2000 likes. This is something that’s been building up for years.

I’m sure we’ve all seen that trend in the Youtube beauty world where the people just went from having 100 foundations to just keeping ten and stuff like that. The de-cluttering  trend. Well, I thought it’d be fun to do the same with my potential Tinder matches. Like I told you before, I’d used Tinder in four countries, and countless cities, so I would have a nice mix of men to look through.

My naïve mind thought “well, if for some reason I end up liking only 10% of the guys, that means I’ll have 200 matches, give or take.” That is a very good number if we’re talking about men possibly interested in me. The reality was like looking through a beauty guru’s makeup drawer: there’s a lot of random shit, some even has gone bad, and then there are just a couple things you’d like to save.

I think out of all the men I sorted through, I decided to match with, say ten. Out of those ten guys, one opened up with the wonderful “hey, how are you doing?” and with that killed the conversation before it even had a chance to become something else. To the other matches, I sent the generic “happy Monday!” or “hello handsome,” and the next day proceeded to unmatch all the guys who’d clearly read the message and had no interest in replying. At least unmatch me yourself, dude, spare me the effort.

Was there anything salvageable? Any conversation that made it past the generic messages? Well, this totally wasn’t going to be the moral of the story, but there was. Now that I think back on the whole process, I can conclude that finding that right person (not Mr. Right, or anything like that, just the right person at the right time) requires that we filter through a whole lot of people, through an app or in real life. And in the end most people don’t want to have 200 options to choose from, but just that one certainty. Again, I’m not talking about true love here or whatever, but I’m talking about a person that becomes special to us at a certain moment in our lives, and that makes us happy.

I’m being super cheesy here, so before I start quoting Nicholas Sparks, I’ll go. Would you ever use Tinder Gold? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila