Pink Lips

Pink Lips

Hello and happy Monday. We’re entering the part in my makeup book where I basically do neutral eyes and focus on the lips. This is why, like today, you’ll just get the lipstick shade as a reference for the look. I love playing with the shades of my lipstick because I feel they make all the difference when bringing a look to life. These are the steps I followed for today’s look:









  1. Primer
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation
  4. Eyebrows
  5. Cream (eyelid base)
  6. Light brown (crease)
  7. Copper (center of the lid)
  8. Copper (lower lash line)
  9. Black eyeliner (tightline)
  10. Mascara
  11. Bronzer
  12. Blush
  13. Pink liquid lipstick
  14. Pink lipgloss

In the comments below, tell me about your favorite lipstick shade.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila