Sample vs. Full Size #11

Sample vs. Full Size #11

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Hello and happy Sunday. We’re almost there, we’re almost at the end of this journey, which has left me with the realization that some makeup brands are just stupidly expensive and that I am incredibly cheap. I have five products I want to talk about today, and see if maybe we’ll find something I would buy. Let’s get started, shall we?

ROYAL AND LANGNICKEL Prismatic Ombre Fan Brush 

Full size: I got the actual brush in my glam bag.

Full price: I found a set that has three brushes and a case for $19.99.

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I was honestly surprised to see how affordable this brand is. Of course, I already have the fan brush as well as basically any other makeup brush you can think of, so I wouldn’t buy one for myself. I could, however, think about getting a set as a gift to someone who’s getting started with makeup or who wants to up their game, like my mom or one of my sisters. See? We just got started and I’ve already got surprises.

DIRTY LITTLE SECRET COSMETICS Baked Highlighter in Prosecco 

Full size: I got the full size product in my bag.

Full price: $14

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you this, but I’ve never bought a highlighter. All the ones I’ve owned have come from subscription services. I don’t wear highlighter on an everyday basis and I don’t think it’s an important step in my makeup routine. That’s why I wouldn’t pay $14 for one, like ever.

BRTC Jasmine Waterful Foaming Cleanser 

Full size: I got a sample that had 30 ml. The full size version has 150 ml.

Full price: $22.99

Buy? Yes/ No? Why? This is a good product and the price is not that crazy, at least the one I found on Amazon. I think, however, that for that same price I could find a L’Occitane product and I’d much rather go for that one than this K-Beauty brand.

TARTE COSMETICS Sex Kitten Eyeliner 

Full size: I got the mini version of the pencil.

Full price: $20

Buy? Yes/No? Why? Just like with highlighter, I never buy eyeliner for myself because I’m always getting new ones in subscription boxes. I’ve talked about other pencil eyeliners before, and I think you already know my opinion, but I’ll say it again: I’m not paying $20 for something I could get for $1.

DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Mono in Ariana 

Full size: The sample I got weighs 1.4 g. I couldn’t get any information on the weight of the full size version.

Full price: $10

Buy? Yes/No? Why?  I’m not a fan of eyeshadow singles. I think they’re a waste of product and money. I wouldn’t spend $10 in a single shadow. That’s just not me.

As always, I’d like you to let me know which of these products you’d get and why.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila