Spanish Snacks Haul

Spanish Snacks Haul

Hello and happy Saturday. Let’s talk about food, babies! No, that’s not going to be the name of a new series, but I just *had* to type that. Today we are going to talk about food, though, because I bought some snacks while I was in Spain and I wast to talk about them with you.

Now, I love chips, both literal and metaphorical ones (if you’ve been here long enough, you’ll get the reference) but in Madrid I only bought sweet snacks to take home. By that I mean cookies and chocolates. Let’s get started, shall we?


Nesquick Chocolate Bar

I looked for it online and couldn’t find it, so I’m thinking maybe it was a limited edition thing or something. It was good but not the best. I actually didn’t eat it all myself, but left it at home after I went to Baltimore. My mom ate it, but she didn’t say it was particularly great either and she loves chocolate. I definitely could’ve done without it.

Nutella B-Ready

Okay, so these are like cookie bars filled with Nutella, or like the product description puts it, Nutella covered by a thin, crunchy cookie. If this existed in Colombia, I’d always have at least one box at home. I mean, if you’re a Nutella lover and you get the chance, try this, you won’t regret it in the slightest.

Tosta Rica Choco Guay

We actually had cookies like this in Colombia when I was a kid, so I bought these for the sake of memory. I’ve tried different cookie sandwiches in my life, but none like these. I love that the cookie is smooth and not overly sweet, and I love the chocolate and vanilla cream filling. The box comes with separate packages, so that’s also super convenient. If you want to see what my childhood tasted like, try these cookies.

Mary Lee Mini Caramel Wafers 

These are just crazy good. They’re literal miniature Belgian waffles that taste like caramel. I had tried these in Colombia, but they’re very expensive and you can only find them in a specialized market, so when I saw this bag, I also saw my chance of experiencing the goodness again. I ate them plain, but I guess if you want to be fancy, you can add stuff. Hey, how about Nutella?

Virginias Hello Kitty Gluten and Lactose- Free Cookies 

Come on, these cookies are like the dream. They’re shaped like Hello Kitty, they’re sweet but not excessively so, and they’re healthy. Plus, the box included a Hello Kitty fork. They are not amazingly flavored, but they’re good, and I think they’re a great option to have for everyday.

Have you tried any of these snacks? What is your favorite foreign snack? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila