Life/ Work Update

Life/ Work Update

THROWBACK THURSDAY.pngHello and happy Thursday. I feel like you’re my friends because I let you in on basically every detail of my life, so just like I did with my best friends, I will tell you something that doesn’t make me happy or comfortable in the slightest. I was let go. There, I said it, and even now it still feels odd to say.

I was actually let go a month and a half ago, and I saw it coming. I mean, while some of my colleagues were being interviewed to work the following year as first grade teachers, I was give the cold shoulder by my boss, which isn’t uncommon at all. I even told my psychoanalyst about this, but I think that based on what I’d told her in previous sessions, she kind of sensed that could be an option too.

For those of you who are new or haven’t followed these or my teaching posts, in August 2018 I took a job teaching high school English at a school in Colombia. This happened after months of not working because I was supposed to move to Baltimore. I did go but was overcome with depression and anxiety, so I came back and got the first job I could find. Now I know I shouldn’t have taken a job so soon because I still had a lot of stuff to sort out in terms of my mental health.

From August to mid November I taught ninth and tenth grade English, and I struggled like I’d never before in my life. I actually felt worse than I did my first year as a teacher because I already knew stuff so I couldn’t “blame” my performance on lack of experience. I did feel that wasn’t giving this job my 100% and that I didn’t connect with students or my lessons in the way I would’ve want to.

Now, I was actually going to write two posts, but I thought better of it and decided on just one, in which I tell you that yes, I got let go, but that a week after that I actually found my dream job. See, I still had to go to work for a week after I got the news that I wasn’t going to continue the following year, but I didn’t do much those days, if I’m being honest.

I got a call from a school the day after I was told I’d be let go, and a week later I interviewed with them. In a single day I interviewed with five people and then got an order for a medical examination which new employees are required by law in any company or institution. The following week I got a call to go sign my contract and I’ve been on vacation since.

My dream job is to be a kindergarten teacher. That means I’m in charge of a class as a homeroom teacher, as well as English, Science, Math, and motor skills. The pay is significantly better and so are the conditions, and that obviously excites me a whole lot. For all the teaching-related posts, please check my blog on Saturdays. This life update just felt more appropriate as a throwback Thursday.

Let me know of something you’re looking forward to in your life, whether it’s work related or not.

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila