Easy Audiobook Review

Easy Audiobook Review


Hello and happy Wednesday. Now that I spend more time on a bus than I actually do at home, I have to be resourceful and listen to my books instead of reading them. My latest audiobook accomplishment was Easy by Tammara Webber.

I think you, my dear readers will enjoy this book because the main character is actually in university, and not in high school like most of the YA books I read and review in here.

Now, keep in mind, and I’m saying it from the beginning so that you can decide to skip this post altogether, that there are very detailed descriptions of attempted rape, and the subject of rape is present in this novel. If this is a subject you’re sensitive to, then avoid this book.

If you’ve decided to keep reading, please denounce your aggressor to the authorities if someone tries to hurt you, even if this happens at a party and calling the police means “ruining” it. If you read the book, you’ll know why I’m putting this out there.

This story starts with a very typical scene: damsel in distress and mysterious stranger who saves her. I won’t lie, I live for those scenes. What I didn’t like were the victim-blaming hints the mysterious savior was throwing at the main character. Dear stranger, being alone doesn’t give anyone a reason to take advantage of another person.

There are flashbacks and flash forwards, which you know I always appreciate. I don’t appreciate, though, that the main character is kind of immature, and I’d say a bit self-centered too. Yes, honey, your boyfriend broke up with you, but at least he was honest about the reasons why he wanted to break up. Shouldn’t he get a little credit for that?

This reminds me a bit of Flat-Out-Love because we have kind of an online/offline situation. Jackie, our main character, exchanges emails with Landon, who’s a class monitor or whatever they call it in the States, but she also has this thing that’s just beginning with Lucas, our mysterious savior.

It also remind me, in a not so good way, of all the dating advice I heard from Matthew Hussey a few months ago each time Erin talked to Jackie about guys. I accidentally sort of spoiled the ending for myself, but don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you. What I’m going to spoil though, is the fact that there was a breath Jackie didn’t realize she was holding. Because how smart do you even need to be in order to breathe, right?

Let’s talk about spoilers. Don’t tell me exactly how, but tell me about the last show or book someone spoiled for you.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila