Sample vs. Full Size #8

Sample vs. Full Size #8


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Hello and happy Sunday. Yesterday I started packing my stuff for Baltimore and I’m kind of freaking out and also forcing myself to be calm, cool, and collected. For now, I’ll just take deep breaths and go to my happy place, which is full of makeup and pretty things. I’ll also tell you about some products I got in an Ipsy glam bag way back when, and whether I’d buy the full size version or not and why. Let’s get started, shall we?

CHELLA Eyebrow Defining Gel 

Full size: I got the full size version of the product in my glam bag.

Full price: $18

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I remember when I was at school and didn’t wear any makeup whatsoever. I remember I had a classmate who would wear clear mascara, not just on her eyelashes but on her brows. When I started playing with makeup, I bought a tube of Great Lash clear mascara and would wear it one my brows sometimes. That costs half as much as what this gel costs and it has more contents. If I were to buy a clear gel for my brows, which I currently don’t need, what would you think I’d buy? Make a wild guess.

LUXIE Beauty Precision Shader Onyx Brush 239

Full size: I got the actual brush in my glam bag.

Full price: $14

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I’m going to say something I’ve said before with other products, and it’s that yes, I think this is overpriced, but at the same time I don’t think it’s crazy expensive. Like, it’s still a no for me, but not a hell no, especially because I absolutely adore this brush and I use it every day to apply my eyeshadow, but I’m sure there are other brands that are just as good and way less expensive.

SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Lip Polish in Orange + Cream 

Full size: I’m pretty sure I got the full-size version of this product, which weighs 10g or 0.35 oz.

Full price: $18

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I’ve reviewed a few Seraphine Botanicals products before, and I still haven’t learned that for some reason this brand’s prices are ridiculously expensive. No, I would not pay nearly $20 for a lip scrub, that’s just not the way I am. Yes, I have to admit that this has lasted me a long time, so for some people it might be worth the high price. For me, it’s not; lip scrubs are not essentials, they’re just nice additions, so it just feels wrong to pay so much for one.

NYX Faux Blacks Eyeliner in Black Olive 

Full size: I got the actual pencil in my glam bag.

Full price: $8

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I absolutely adore NYX and everything this brand comes up with. I think both the faux black and the faux white lines are gorgeous. Yes, I would buy other shades from these lines, and I’d only feel guilty for like five minutes. I think NYX is worth the $8.

SON & PARK Beauty Water 

Full size: I got a sample, which was 1 oz. The full size version is 11.49 oz.

Full price: $30

Buy? Yes/ No? Why? I love skincare, okay? And I honestly try my best to work for my skin’s health because I know that’s what matters in the long run and not the amount of foundation and other makeup products I pack on every day. That being said, there are products that I just don’t know what they were made for. Tonic is one of them. I sometimes used tonic as a primer, and some other times I used it to remove excess makeup at the end of the day, but like the lip scrub, it’s just an extra for me. I’m not going to pay $30 for a product I don’t yet understand.

That’s it for today. As always, let me know in the comments below which of these products you’d buy and why.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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