My Exchange Part 6

My Exchange Part 6


Hello and happy Thursday. We have reached part six of exchange story and I’m getting kind of bored, so I think after this I’ll pause and resume some other time. For now, let me tell you about one of the longest days in my existence.

When you’re a kid in the States, you pretty much pray for a snowstorm so that you can stay home. When I was a kid in Colombia, I kinda hoped there was a strike because that meant things could get violent and then school would be cancelled. I mean, at least with the strikes I didn’t have to wear thermal underwear. Well, while I was at Ruth’s I prayed that the weather was good enough to go to school because I dreaded the alternative.

Ruth dreaded it too, I mean she had two guests at home and still decided to invite two of her friends to spend the night, knowing full well that they would probably have to stay the entire following day. She needed them as buffers. I’m going to call the friends Shawn and Ashley, and yes, I purposely picked one of the most common white-girl names.

I’m pretty sure Ruth had already told her friends how horrible she thought we both were. I know it because Shawn wouldn’t talk to us at all, and he would just stick by Ruth’s side the whole time. Ashley kept saying that she was a “special needs kid” and at that moment neither Irene nor I knew what that meant exactly, but we kind of got an idea by seeing her childlike behavior.

That night after dinner, which you guessed, consisted of pasta, Ruth went straight to her room with her friends and didn’t even say goodnight. Now, I wasn’t really having it; in my house you always say good morning and goodnight. You don’t go to bed upset or fighting, and you don’t have secret sleepover parties leaving other people uninvited. I left it at that for the night, but in the morning, when I woke up super early because I was already on school mode, I was going to do something about Ruth’s manners.

So yes, next week I’ll let you breathe and I’ll tell you a completely different story, and I would like to know what you want to read about next, so please tell me in the comments below.

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila