My Exchange Part 5

My Exchange Part 5


Hello and happy Thursday. I’m powering through a very shitty day and I don’t even want to talk about it because I’ve cried enough times today already and I still have hope that this shitty situation will get better so if I don’t write about it, it won’t become real. I will write about what happened after lunch that first day at the school in Middle of Nowhere, Maine.

I don’t think the school’s Spanish teacher had the exchange really planned out because I had to be with Eileen and Becky while they were taking a Biology test in an eighty-minute class. I literally had to sit there, with no access to Facebook because the school forbade it, thinking that even Ruth probably had something better to do.

After that class the super models had Study Hall, which wasn’t any better because the teacher kept shushing me when I tried to talk. I didn’t really care much about her shushing because I still was able to talk to my sister on Skype. This cute guy we’ll call Dave was in that class. I knew of him because Irene had told me about him. She’d had a class where he was, earlier that day.

Besides disregarding the no-talking rule, I was completely rude and talked in Spanish with my sister, taking advantage of the fact that nobody would really understand me. I was telling her how hot I thought Dave was and I wasn’t interested in anybody else knowing about that. He must’ve picked up on something, though, because out of nowhere he started doing cartwheels behind me, so that it caught on camera and both my sister and I could get a show.

For last period, Eileen and Becky had to do something senior-related, so they left me with Ruth again. Before we said goodbye, though, they told me there was a basketball game that night and invited me to join them. Now, I’d seen enough teenage T.V shows to know that the games are a big social event, and that everybody who’s somebody goes to the games, so I felt special about being invited.

When I joined Ruth and Irene I told our host about the game, and she didn’t even let me finish the sentence before she said we weren’t going. She didn’t even stop and think about it. She didn’t even pretend like she was interested and then have her mom say no. At that moment I didn’t think too much about that, but as time has gone by I’ve come up with my own theories.

Again, I think this was a way in which Ruth would make our life miserable, by not letting us attend an event where everybody would hang out. But beyond that, I think she was kind of envious of the fact that we had been invited, not her. I mean, sure a game is a public event and everyone can attend, but you don’t just go by yourself, and you ultimately don’t go just to watch the game. I think that she feared she was going to feel like the previous day at the gym, like she probably felt most of the time, like the outcast.

Well, that’s the end of day two of my exchange, and I’m feeling a little less shitty, although I’ll stop now before I start crying again. In the comments below tell me which were the popular events at your school, those that showed who was somebody and who wasn’t.

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

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