Nail Polish Haul/Unhaul #2

Nail Polish Haul/Unhaul #2

Hello and happy Sunday. I know I was supposed to write this post a while ago, but for some reason I didn’t feel like it. Now I do, so before I tell you about some more of my polishes, keep in mind that I’ll number my fingers, 1 being the little finger, and 5 being the thumb. That way you’ll know specifically which polish I’m talking about. Let’s get started, shall we?

img_60891. Rags to Riches by Rimmel London 

I got this in a subscription box, and although the color is not my favorite, I really like the consistency and the duration of this nail polish, so I’ll keep it and probably wear it a lot in Baltimore.

2. Holy Fuchsia by Be a Bombshell 

I got this one from Ipsy, and I’m absolutely in love with the color. The texture and pigmentation are good on the first coat, but once you apply the second one, it gets all weird and yucky. I’m still taking it because I’m seriously obsessed with the color.

3. Flirty Tankini by China Glaze 

This is an odd metallic-looking salmon polish. When I apply the first coat, my nail is still visible underneath, so I need at least two coats for full coverage, but it doesn’t dry down completely and after a day wearing it, I get desperate end up peeling it off in the shower. I’m not taking this one with me.

4. Devotion by China Glaze

This metallic polish is honestly gorgeous. It’s not really a silver, but rather a metallic gray if it makes any sense, and it has this purple undertone I love. I’m keeping this baby with me.

5. Stellar by China Glaze

I love this shade for special occasions because it goes with my choice of black clothes and golden/nude makeup. This is a glitter, which makes it all the better for me. I’ve had it for a while now, so it’s getting dry and tacky, which means it’s time for me to throw it away.


  1. Let’s Be Friends by O.P.I

This was part of the Hello Kitty collection and I’ve had it for a while. I love the shade, and I really think this brought me good luck because I wore it to the interviews for my previous job. It’s old now and it goes on unevenly, leaving my nails looking streaky, so I’m throwing it away.

2. Océano by Vogue

I’m pretty sure this is a Colombian brand, and I don’t know why I feel that the local nail polishes have a better quality than international ones. I think this is the perfect color for the summer, and I’ll enjoy wearing it in Baltimore.

3. Small + Cute = Heart by O.P.I

This nail polish is also from the Hello Kitty collection, and I know that soon I’ll have to part ways with it, but it’s so beautiful, I just can’t right now. I need it in my life for a little longer. I think this would be a really cute color to wear as a wedding guest or during the spring.

4. Rosa Bling by Yanbal

This is a clear polish with the tiniest bit of pink on it and lots of glitter in all sizes. If I were to choose a single nail polish to wear for the rest of my life, it’ll probably be this one, and I’ll sure rock it in Baltimore.

5. Revlon 

This one doesn’t have a name, so that’s pretty helpful. I actually got two of the same in a subscription box and gave away the other one. The color is a beautiful true blue, and the consistency is great when applying it. The problem with this one is that it chips like crazy, so my manicure never lasts when I’m wearing it. I think I’m taking it and giving it one last teeny tiny chance.



1. Midnight Mission by China Glaze 

When I was swatching this, my initial though was “why do I not wear this more often,” and although the reason is that I don’t really wear dark nail polish, I think we can change that with Midnight Mission. It’s a super deep blue with glitter on it and it just looks oh so classy. I thought it’d be dried out by now because I’ve had it for a while, but it isn’t, so I’m taking more advantage of it in the future.


2. H & M

This is a cute glittery magenta a friend got me when I was just getting into nail polishes. It is completely dry and useless now, so I have no other choice but to get rid of it.

3. Pelican Gray by China Glaze 

I like to channel my inner teacher with this nail polish, and I’m totally going to rock it once I go back to teaching in Baltimore. I’ve had it for a while, but I haven’t worn it enough so as to give you a more in depth review of it. I need to try it for a little longer.

4. Atractiva by Masglo 

Again, this is a Colombian brand and I think it is way better than O.P.I and China Glaze combined. I think the shade is classy but at the same time it’s playful, and this lasts me a full week and sometimes even more. I’m going to miss my Colombian brands, though.

5. Lighthouse by China Glaze 

I’ll save you the long review to tell you this: I don’t know what I was thinking buying a yellow nail polish and I’ll never wear it again in my life.

In the comments below, tell me about your favorite nail polish brand.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila