Audiobook Review: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Audiobook Review: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Hello and happy Wednesday. Sometimes I step out of my usual trashy reads and actually go for something my English teacher at school could be proud of. And yes, it might take me the longest time, but I do finish these reads, and just like with the others, I share my thoughts with you.

I recently finished listening to the Audible version of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and I felt simultaneously accomplished and disappointed. It’s like when you finally get to try that thing everybody’s been raving about and then you find out it wasn’t that great to begin with, you know? Like, I’m obviously proud of myself for taking that classic off my list already, but I’d rather stick to what I usually read, if I’m being completely honest here.

We all know English isn’t my first language, right? I’ve said it before. So when I’m listening to an audiobook in an accent that might not be the “standard” American accent, I sometimes don’t understand words or expressions. This happened to me when listening to this audiobook, but like everything, the accent was something I got used to and then it became easier to me to understand what the narrator was saying.

From what I remember from school, Oscar Wilde was known for his dark humor and for the way he criticized the society he lived in. This is apparent in some of the jokes and comments his characters make. I think you do need to be a bit cynical to understand where his humor is coming from because clearly is not something you can take as is. In other words, I know this novel is not for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine.

Now the style of the novel is pretty much the one of a play at times: long conversations between the characters and nothing really going on. That’s not really the type of narrative I usually reach for, but I think the fact that I was listening as opposed to reading helped the conversations seem more dynamic. Still, I don’t know if I would’ve enjoyed the book overall had I read it. I mean, I thought it was alright, but I don’t think it’s a literary masterpiece of any sort.

I knew what the story was about beforehand because I feel this is one of those novels everyone’s heard about but not many people have actually read, but I think it took way too long and way too much of the plot to get to “the point” of the story, you know? Again, I’m proud of myself for having listened to this novel, and I think it’s awesome that I get to live in a time when you have audiobooks because that makes some tough reads more enjoyable.

Let me know in the comments whether you’ve recently read or listened to a classic.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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