Makeup Unhaul

Makeup Unhaul

Hello and happy Sunday. My trip to Baltimore is near, and that means I have to look through my stuff and determine what I’ll keep and what I’ll take with me…that sounded oddly familiar, like I’d already said it in a previous post. Anyway, today I’ll show you the makeup I gave away because it’s not worthy of joining me on my trip. I’m not going to link anything; this is an unhaul, you wouldn’t want to get this stuff anyway. Let’s get started, shall we?

I got rid of two black pencil eyeliners because I already have mine and I don’t need a collection of these, especially because I often reach for drugstore brands so I don’t mind getting new ones when the other run out.








I don’t know what shade the Shany lipstick is, but the Femme Couture one was and old love of mine. It was this cute low-key red I reached for when I didn’t know much about makeup and wanted to be fancy. I just feel like it’s not my shade anymore.







Nude lipstick, clear lipgloss, a lip stain and tinted lip balm. I know somebody who’s more into natural/ no makeup looks will love these, but again, I don’t feel like having a ton of these products if I don’t reach for them regularly.






These are all pinks in different shades. I still love me some pink, and I’m sure you know that if you see my Makeup Monday posts, but these are too scandalous for me and I’m not about that vibe anymore.








And then we have the purples. Ugh. Even when I tried on all of my lipliners it felt odd having purple lips, you know? I know this is probably a sign of me getting old and it’s clearly a reflection of the makeup trends and my own tastes changing, but hot pinks and purples are just not my thing anymore.







Neither are the bold and vampy lips. I swear I tried that dark brown in the middle a few times before coming to the sad realization that I looked kinda silly wearing it. And I don’t mean “other people will think I’m silly,” I mean I felt like I’d look ten times better with a lighter brown and maybe some lipgloss on as opposed to that heavily pigmented shade. Ultimately, I wasn’t having fun with them, so I gave them away.




It was tough to let go of my giant palette that contains basically every shimmery color in the world, but I’m not risking taking it only to realize it all broke. It was a cheap palette, after all, and maybe I can get another one once I’m in Baltimore. The one next to it is pure kid makeup, but I liked it because it had bold colors. I’m taking another one I have, so I don’t really need extras.





Speaking about “extra,” I’m parting ways with some blushes and highlighters because I have enough of those, some actually pretty similar to these ones.









Here we have a cream contour palette (I prefer stick contour now), a liquid illuminator that is too warm-toned, and a highlighting pencil (I think) I only one used on my brow bone.









Finally, we have some dry shampoo I never used because 1. I hated the way it smelled and 2. I honestly just prefer to have dirty-looking hair than adding more product into it. We also have four bottles of micellar water I’m too lazy to use, a lip exfoliator, and a spare sharpener.

I’m sure there’s more to be unhauled once I actually have to pack my bags, but this is it for now. In the comments below tell me about the products you’ve recently gotten rid of.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila