Free Stuff from Adore Me

Free Stuff from Adore Me

Hello and happy Tuesday. Today I’m about to cancel my Adore Me VIP membership after many happy months of getting the cutest stuff. You know I need to get on saving mode, and Adore Me isn’t really cheap, but this is going to be temporary and hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to resume my membership. Before all the VIP perks go away, I wanted to show you all the stuff I got for free from their site. Let’s get started, shall we?


The first item I got for free was a bikini. I got it as a part of a BOGO sale, which means I actually got two bikinis for the price of one. For VIP members, most bikinis cost $39.95 each, which is a great price. Now imagine just how great it would be to get two inste

ad of one.






Then I got this tote bag, and Adore Me often has free gifts if you either have a coupon code or if you spend a certain amount of money. This is a cute, spacious bag, and it’s gone with me to Cartagena once already.







On another month I got this makeup bag, which I use to store my facemasks.








A cool thing about being an Adore Me VIP member is that, besides the sales and the discount prices on every item, for each five sets you buy, you get one free.


This set I wear as PJs although I think it’s an athletic outfit, cost me nothing because I’d already reached my five purchases.





The gifts are themed, some you don’t get random stuff just because. For Valentine’s Day, for example, I got this very sexy lace mask I haven’t yet worn. Maybe one day, though, who knows?








I think the most useful gift I’ve gotten from Adore Me is this beach tote bag. I’ve used it a few times to pack for weekend trips, and I absolutely love it.




These sunglasses were the latest gift. The design is kinda for a little girl, so I wear them when I’m walking to the gym because I haven’t showered then and I don’t really care how I look. They serve their purpose alright, so I’m happy with them.






Finally, we have the cutest/hottest set I got for free after buying five other sets in the past. I didn’t mentioned this above with the PJs, but these would’ve cost $39.95 each and I had to pay nothing for them, not even shipping.

I haven’t worn this one yet but I hope I can find a proper occasion soon.

Have you tried Adore Me? What do you think about this brand?

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila

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