The “Always Ready” Makeup Look

The “Always Ready” Makeup Look

Hello and happy Monday. Today I woke up to texts from two different guys, which made me feel flirty and sexy. I’m also wearing the cutest sundress even though the weather in Bogotá doesn’t call for one. I made plans with a friend last week, so I knew I had to be ready, but there are days when I’m wearing my sweatpants and my face is naked, and I get a text announcing that suddenly I have stuff to do and basically no time to look like a decent human being. It’s in those occasions when a look like this comes in handy because it’s simple to achieve but oh so playful. Here are the steps I followed:





  1. Primer
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation
  4. Eyebrows
  5. Beige (eyelid base)
  6. Copper (eyelid)
  7. Black (top lash line)
  8. Mascara
  9. Bronzer
  10. Opaque lip gloss

In the comments below, tell me about your plans for the day or for the week.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila