Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Hello and happy Tuesday. Last year I worked along with seven other teachers, which made it really fun to find gifts for special occasions, like Christmas because if you do the math, anything multiplied by seven is going to be expensive.

Thankfully, I had a trip to the States right in December and I discovered the wonders of Five Below. I decided to give each teacher a goody bag with cute stuff. Obviously, they all got the same things, what changed was the design.

Each bag contained: one mechanical pencil, one candy stick (not a candy cane, but I don’t know if those actually have a name), a small box of jelly beans or candy of the sort, an eraser, and a lip balm.

I really liked putting these bags together, and I enjoyed seeing my colleagues’ reactions when they got them. In the comments below, tell me what other fun ideas you’ve had for presents to give to your colleagues.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila