Easy Christmas Cards With Pre-K

Easy Christmas Cards With Pre-K

Hello and happy first day of December. Like last year, I will be blogging each day of this month, and I have very cool holiday-related ideas to share with you.

Today, I want to show you the Christmas cards I made with my pre-k students because I know these days are tough for teachers and we kind of run out of ideas. Let’s get started, shall we?

The card-making process started with a directed drawing activity. We drew a Christmas wreath and a gingerbread house by watching videos from Art For Kids Hub. They have many directed drawing videos with a variety of holiday-related things you can draw, so I encourage you to check them out.

After the drawings were finished, we proceeded to coloring them using markers.








I then had the kids cut their drawings and paste them in a colored paper. They glued one drawing outside the card, and the other one inside.








Finally, I wrote a “Merry Christmas, Love, X” on the inside of each card, and the kids had to trace that with a black marker. Then they could decorate their cards some more if they felt like it.

And that was it for our card-making with pre-k. The activity was simple enough for me to plan and for my students to follow, but it required several steps, which meant we finished it after a few classes.

Do you plan holiday-related activities with your students? Tell me about them in the comments!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila