Trying Halo Beauty: After

Trying Halo Beauty: After

Hello and happy Sunday. I finally finished taking Halo Beauty, and let me tell you, my skin is glad that month of torture is over. I’m not going to come here and tell you this product sucks and you shouldn’t buy it because I’ve seen other people’s before and afters and I know that for some people it works. Hell, I wouldn’t have spent $40 plus shipping if I didn’t think this would make my skin, hair, and nails better, would I?

I do feel the need to tell you that in my particular case, Halo Beauty caused more harm than it did good. My hair looks alright, but it usually looks that way because I take good care of it, and even though it does look shinier and healthier than when I started taking the pills, I feel like I can get even better results by taking Sugar Bear Hair, which is cheaper, by the way.

My nails are long, but that’s what I’d expect from not filing them for a whole month. Are they stronger? Not really. Halo Beauty didn’t prevent them from peeling and chipping. I was super close to actually breaking a nail, and needed to file them all short after taking this “after” picture.







Surprisingly enough, my skin doesn’t look half as bad in the picture as it is in real life. Yes, I still have breakouts, but they’re actually healing now that I’ve stopped taking Halo Beauty.

I know I’ve previously said this, but I really wanted to like Halo Beauty and I really wanted it to work. Sadly, I don’t and it doesn’t, and even though I have no interest in searching for the reasons why it was such a fail for me, I’d like you to tell me, in the comments below, whether you’ve had a similar experience with this product or know someone who has.


Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila