Let’s Rant About the Show

Let’s Rant About the Show

NETFLIX TALK_.pngHello and happy Saturday. A while ago I did a review on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, and at the end I told you I would also watch and review the show. Now, my intentions were to review the first season, but halfway through episode one, I already had so much to say, that I decided I would just talk about my first impressions. I didn’t even continue watching the show, although for some reason, today I’ve been wanting to binge watch the entire season one.

There is a warning before the first scene starts, about the “difficult issues” the show deals with. That was a feeble attempt at a trigger warning, but at least it was an attempt, no? I also notice that Hannah’s tone was way friendlier and less snarky in the show than it was in the book, and the fact that she makes “no requests” might indicate that the threat element from the novel will not be present in the show. Besides being friendlier in the tapes, Hannah was way more talkative and way perkier when she was alive, at least that’s the vibe her interactions with Clay gave me.

I know that when a show or a movie is made from a book, they are not expected to be exactly the same, and that’s why I like to do separate reviews. The first image we get is Hannah’s locker, which has all sorts of pictures, notes, and flowers on it. This upset me because, in a way, Hannah being an outcast was the reason why she killed herself. And, yes, we see people taking selfies and posting about how “sad” they are, but still, I don’t really believe that Hannah would’ve become so popular after committing suicide.

The story told through the show seemed more like about the way people’s lives after Hannah’s suicide. We are introduced to her parents, and we can also see how messed up everybody really is, especially Clay. By the way, Clay’s pseudo-deep comments are plain stupid and annoying.

Remember that before I said that the “no requests” thing made me hopeful? Just pretend I said nothing, okay? There is a request, and we are playing the threat game. This show was so dramatic and so slow, which is probably why I decided to just watch and review the first episode.

I’ve already talked about Hannah and Clay’s relationship, and how they always talked and appeared to be in friendlier terms than in the book. However, in the show, I sensed that they had this super flirty relationship, and that to me made the whole story way less believable.

Of course, stalker Hannah is present in the show as well. What she doesn’t know is that, for some reason, Clay is always there looking out for her, but saying nothing. Don’t worry, though, him and Hannah seem to be nothing but great friends. If you don’t remember who Hannah was stalking during the first episode of this horrible show, let me tell you, it was the hottie Justin Foley. I graduated from high school a while ago, but man, Justin looks like the best mistake you can ever make.

Justin’s character, though, was all inked, and had a body I’d never seen in a high school senior. Honestly, most of the characters that were pretending to be at school were way older, and acted with much more confidence, not at all like lost teenagers. It wasn’t just the teens in this show that annoyed me, though. The parents were horribly intrusive, and their attitude was not believable in the slightest.

Did you watch the show? What were your thoughts on it? Also, is there a show you 100% recommend? I’m always looking for something to watch.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila




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