Trying Lip Tattoos (Again)

Trying Lip Tattoos (Again)

Hello and happy Sunday. This this a follow up post to the Trying Out Lip Tattoos one, which was published a few months ago. Basically, today I want to show you the whole process of applying the lip tattoo mask, and obviously the “after” results. Let’s get started, shall we?

I own the Color Story by SE lip tattoos because my aunt, who is a makeup artist, gave them to me for Christmas last year. There are five shades, which you can see in the pictures, so from top to bottom I’m wearing: Dahlia, Poppy, Fuchsia, Rose, and Lilac.

I applied this mask first thing in the morning, and the first piece of advice I’d give you if you would like to use this product for real, is to exfoliate your lips beforehand.

You’ll notice in some of the pictures that I have darker patches, and I think that’s because the mask clung to where my lips were dry and chapped. A lip scrub evens out the texture of the lips and removes anything that might not look good.

I felt that the results of day one were quite nice, so I was eager to try the other shades in the set. When I tried Poppy, which is the darkest shade, I noticed that it was kind of tacky, like it was drying out. That made the application harder, which is why, especially on the lower lip, there are darker patches.







From day three on, everything went smoother, and I was getting used to my morning lip tattoo. I would wear lip balm to finish the look because I do think that without it, the lips look too dry.









Here’s day four. I just noticed how uneven the application was, and it is noticeable after the mask is removed. Still, I think I would wear this tattoo as a base for lipstick or lipgloss.









Here’s day five, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the color after removing the mask.

I think the whole process is way easier and cleaner once you get the hang of it, and the results are nice. I wouldn’t replace my usual lippies for lip tattoos, but I would consider them occasionally as a lipstick or lipgloss base.

If somebody is more into the no-makeup/natural/ your-skin-but-better kinda vibe, I think lip tattoos are a good option, having exfoliated the lips before and wearing lip balm or clear lip balm after applying (and removing) the mask.

In the comments below, let me know what you think about lip tattoos, and if this post maybe changed your mind about them.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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