A Reader-Friendly Book

A Reader-Friendly Book


Hello and happy Wednesday. This is another review with a boring thumbnail and the reason is that I gave away a bunch of my books in anticipation to my trip to Baltimore. Today’s post is for those people who struggle with reading, whether you love it or not. You get overwhelmed by big books (trust me, I do too), you get easily distracted when paragraphs are too long or plots are too slow, and you get discouraged by tiny prints with barely any spacing between lines. Well, I recently read Unboxed by Non Pratt, and I’d like to recommend it to you today because you’re probably in need of *that book* that will get you full-on into reading.

This book’s format is intentionally reader-friendly, and it says so in the last page. It is small in size, but the font and the separation between the lines make the reading super comfortable. I loved that because I’ve always dreaded those reading snobs who think *some books* aren’t just meant to be read by *some people,* like this was school and they wanted to create a cool kids club or something. Publishers who adapt their books for diverse readers are doing things right.

Now I really enjoyed the story itself because we get diversity from page one in terms of the sexual orientation, the ethnicity, and the family background of the characters. This is not a spoiler, by the way, but we also find out that the main characters all share a mutual friend who died. The main characters actually used to be friends, but they parted ways a few years ago. This concept of estranged friends is cool and original, in my opinion.

I really liked the fact that the chapters in this novel are super short, so even if you just want to do some light reading or whatever, this is a great option for you. I also like the fact that it all takes place in one night. I don’t know why I’m drawn to those kinds of “real-time” stories.

The plot of this novel revolves around these four estranged friends who get together  in order to open a time capsule they hid five years ago. They do this because it was requested by a fifth member of the group who’d recently gotten ill and died. Of course, we get to read about the things in the capsule and what it meant to the characters. It is over all a nice read, and a reminder to always be close to the people we love the most, if not physically, at least keeping the contact with them.

Now in the comments below I’d like you to tell me what you’d include in a time capsule and why.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila