Miss Camila’s Wishlist

Miss Camila’s Wishlist

Laser Hair Removal.pngHello and happy Wednesday. A couple of weeks ago I shared my TBR list with you so that you know which books I’ll be reading and reviewing in the future. I also reviewed my wishlist and I have two versions for you.

If you click here, you get to download the Word version, which means you can digitally edit the list. This is honestly my preferred option because I get to delete stuff if I want to, or highlight it or work with it in a “cleaner” way.

By clicking here, you’ll download the PDF version. This is great if you’re more into pen-and-paper stuff. This version is ready to be printed and put somewhere visible.

Now, what I’d do when I get either version is look through the list and see which titles I already own or have read, so that I could remove them from the list, and then start acquiring the rest. My advice would be to try and read a significant amount of titles from the TBR list before getting more books from the wishlist.

In the comments below, tell me whether you have a wishlist and how long it is.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila