My Second OK Cupid Experience (1/2)

My Second OK Cupid Experience (1/2)

Announcement.pngHello and happy Saturday. If you read the original post on my  OK Cupid Experience , then you probably know by now that what’s coming is another fail story. I’m going to be more detailed with you on this one, which is why this story will be divided into two. It’s certainly not fun for me to go through this again, but I feel that I’ve learned stuff that’s worth sharing with all of you. Let’s get started, shall we?

Let’s go back to the beginning of 2018. Literally, it was the first week of the year and I was home after spending New Years with my dad and his family in a house away from Bogota. I’d been on OK Cupid looking for guys to talk to before my trip to Baltimore in June, but so far I’d been unsuccessful. That first day back home, while I was getting ready or putting away the clothes I’d taken to the trip, or whatever else you do on your last week of vacation, I was also checking out guys using the “Double Take” feature, which is basically just like Tinder.

I had the paid version of the app, which means I could see the guys that had liked me without having to like them back. As I was swiping, I came across this guy’s profile. I liked him immediately, both in the app and in real life. He just had the kindest looking eyes, and a mouth that is to die for, and what was even better, he’d also swiped right on my profile and messaged me a few moments after we matched.

We had one of those conversations many people dream of, you know? For a week there, we just talked about everything, from the things we were doing at the moment to stuff about ourselves, and of course my plans of moving to Baltimore. After that first week, I told him to follow me on Instagram, and that we could chat there. I thought IG was a good alternative to OK Cupid without having to give him my number just yet.

We tried talking via IG for about three days, but it was a big fail. He texted me first, and I didn’t see his message until a day later, and then it took him another full day to reply, so I told him to go back to OK Cupid because it was working better for us. A week or so went by, using OK Cupid again. He was following me on Instagram, and I’d requested to follow him, but he hadn’t accepted my request, so I told him to let me follow him, and he did immediately, saying he’d thought he’d already done that.

His IG profile would’ve raised a few red flags to virtually any other thinking person, but of course I decided to ignore them. Why am I saying that? Well, for one, I noticed that his OK Cupid pictures were taken from his profile, but that they were taken two years ago. The second red flag was the amount of pictures he had with his ex. The issue with the pictures of his ex was kinda awkward to notice, but when I told him about it, he said that if he found a person with whom he felt a real connection, he’d delete them. That clearly made me want to become that person.

I also addressed the issue with his pictures not being recent by actually sending him a text that went something like “I want to see a recent picture of you, preferably shirtless.” He asked me whether I had Snapchat, I told him I did (which is true, I had an account, but I hadn’t used it in years because I’m 24, not 17, so I had to download the app), and that very day we started using that app.

Now, on that first day of using Snapchat, it was all great. He told me he’d send me a “shower selfie” and I replied “no dick pics,” which he respected, and I thought “wow, this guy asked me before sending a dick pic, and then didn’t when I said no, what a catch.” (I did ask for one the following day because I was super curious, and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed.)

We kept our regular texting dynamic, only now via Snapchat, which did include pictures, but very decent ones, I promise. We even had those conversations I love that last for hours, until I could barely keep my eyes open and had to tell him, “dude, I’m going to sleep, talk to you tomorrow.” In one of those conversations, he told he his birthday was in early February, which meant that if everything went right, we’d still be talking by then. I decided to get a special something for him, that we could both enjoy once we met in person. Yes, I got those two piercings between my boobs for him.

I sent him a picture of my piercings (with a very nice bra on), and a message that said “Happy birthday, MHD,” which is how we’ll refer to him from now on, okay? His response was “Lol. Very sexy. Thanks.” I wanted to take a plane, go to where he was, and slap him. Honestly, I’d thought about this super sexy and suggestive gift that we could both enjoy (if you know what I mean), and his reply was the stupidest thing ever. He couldn’t even articulate a sentence. Again, that would’ve been a red flag for anybody with self-respect, right? Well, not for me.

Around that week, things started to get weird. We’d already been talking for a month, and it was pretty clear to me that, at least his intentions were to wait for me to be in the States and see what happened between us once we met in person. He even told me on more than one occasion that he wasn’t having sex with other girls, and that if he were to, he’d tell me because he thought it was the honest thing to do. I told him I’d rather not know, and honestly, I’m not sure whether that was a smart decision or not; I mean, I was trying to play it cool, but I’m a very jealous person in reality, and you’ll see in part two of this story how the jealousy and insecurity played me over.

After MHD’s birthday, I noticed that he texted way less frequently and with the sole purpose of talking about sex whenever he did. I remember very clearly that on the Saturday following his birthday, I had to work, but still I texted him, and he went straight to sexting. By this point, he didn’t ask whether he could send me dick pics, he just did. I told him I was at work, and he kept on with with the sex stuff like I’d told him nothing. Then, I replied to him “I’m not your sex toy.” He read the message and didn’t care to reply.

When I tell you he didn’t care to reply, I mean two weeks went by, with me texting him good morning, and him just opening the message and not saying anything. You have to understand that I was really super into this guy, and I’d already dedicated a whole month to talking to him. I was also going to Baltimore a few weeks after that, and the plan was to meet him. So, I basically texted him every day. I’d only send him one message, and he would open it. I would also send him pictures (with my bra on, thanks for asking), until one day he replied.

Our conversations sort of went back to normal, in the sense that we would text back and forth somewhat consistently, but now the only thing he talked about was sex. Don’t worry, as I type, I can tell how bad it all was. Remember I’m telling you a fail story here, not an “I found the love of my life” one, if that even exists. Anyway, when I went to Baltimore, two months after his first text, we were still talking.

He was probably the first person I told I’d landed in Baltimore. Not even my parents or best friends because that’s how crazy I was (for him). His response was “Lol welcome,” and then nothing. When I say nothing, I mean I was only going to be in Baltimore for a week, and I would wake up every morning of my trip, knowing that I was one day closer to coming back home, and he hadn’t said a word to me.

That’s when I started thinking that I’d been catfished. This thought, of course, was encouraged by my best friend’s words of wisdom. And, I mean, it totally made sense, no? I’d been talking to this guy, who at first was awesome, and then with time he wasn’t that awesome, and finally when we were literally a half hour away from each other, he  disappeared. Add to my paranoia the fact that I watched an entire season of catfish while eating fries when the temperature was too low to go outside.

Halfway through my trip, when I’d moved on to watching 90-Day-Fiancé, I decided I needed to send him paragraph-long texts, and that Snapchat wasn’t going to do it for me, so I contacted him via Instagram. The messages, oddly enough, were pretty similar to what I’d sent him when he disappeared on me in Bogota. Stuff like, “don’t you want to meet me?,” “if you want nothing to do with me, then let me know,” and texts of the sort. I honestly felt defeated because I thought we’d both been waiting for that trip in March to come so that we could meet in person, and now it seemed to me like he didn’t care at all. I didn’t expect for him to pick me up at the airport and be with me every second of every day, but at least a dinner date on day two would’ve been nice. I was even counting on him spending some nights with me.

That’s how this half of the story ends. In the comments, let me know what you think is going to happen next, and whether you believe I was catfished.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila