Trying Halo Beauty: Three Weeks

Trying Halo Beauty: Three Weeks

Hello and happy Sunday. Welcome to another episode of “why am I still taking these pills?” aka week three of trying Halo Beauty. The answer to the first question, if you’re curious, is: I paid $40 for the pills, so I may as well take them.

In the nails department I’m starting to see more significant grow, and I notice that my nails seem to be thicker and stronger. Sometimes my nails peel, like I can notice that a layer is kind of trying to come off, I’m not really sure how to explain it or whether this happens to somebody else. Right now, I have two nails like that, so even if I feel them being stronger overall, they are still prone to peeling off.

My hair looks good, doesn’t it? I feel that it didn’t change much from last week to this one. It appears to be healthier than it did before I started taking Halo Beauty, but you know my thoughts on spending $40 on pills that will  just make my hair look good.







Finally, let’s talk about my face. I do want to say that during this week I got a face mask and I also got my period, which are two factors that might have altered the results of Halo Beauty, but let’s be honest here, I couldn’t just stop doing what I usually do to wait and see if a product does work.

I got the mask because I felt that I was getting a lot of breakouts, like I’ve been telling you throughout the updates, and I needed to unclog my pores. I did get two more breakouts on my chin, which is normal after a mask like the one I got. It’s also normal because, like I said, I got my period, and that sometimes can show on my skin.

This week has been the worst for my face, not just since I started taking Halo Beauty, but in a while. I hope that it goes back to how it usually is once the month is over because I feel that, even if Halo Beauty may not be what is causing the breakouts, it is clearly stopping my skin from getting better. Maybe that’s what happens when you try to improve something that doesn’t need any improvement.

In the comments below, tell me about a face mask or treatment that helps with breakouts and clogged pores because I think I’m going to need it.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila