Random Stuff I Bought (Mostly Food)

Random Stuff I Bought (Mostly Food)

Hello and happy Saturday. This is my last post on stuff I bought during my latest trip to the States. Yes, I mostly bought food because I love American snacks, and if you want my heart, you better take note of what I’ll show today. Let’s get started, shall we?

This first picture can also be called my “Cracker Barrel” haul. I love that restaurant, but only until that last trip I’d been able to buy stuff from the store. As for non-edibles, I got a bag with psalm 13:5, which goes “But I trust in your unfailing love.” You know, sometimes you need reminders like that in your daily life, especially if they are $1.50. I also got a tumbler that says “I would love to stay here and chat, but I’m lying.” I filled that with candy and mini erasers and took it to work, to decorate my desk. I got that for $10.

Now, let’s get to the fun part: the candy. I got that Bean Boozled thingy, which I gave to my sister’s boyfriend, for $5. The candy cane Hershey’s bar was $2.30. I’m a sucker for anything chocolate flavored, so of course I got chocolate covered pretzels and something else I don’t remember. I looked for the price in my invoice, but I couldn’t find it. I think, though, these are 3 for $5 or something like that. I also got a Chunky bar, which I didn’t know had raisins, but I still liked it. That cost $3. Finally, yes, I got a rice crispy treat because they’re my weakness, and I paid $2.30 for it.

I don’t know if you do this when you travel with family, but on the last day we always go to a chain store to basically spend the last of our money. It’s like we can’t go home with any change because what are we going to do with foreign currency anyway? On that last trip to CVS I got the essentials, and by that I mean I got makeup and food, obviously.

I got two brow pencils for $5, and the best part is that they came with a sharpener. I also bought a chapstick for $2 and come to think of it, I have no idea where it is. I bought shaving gel (which to me is always a must) for $5, and the two setting sprays, one matte and one dewy for $8 each. I obviously had to buy something for my hair, which is why I got that leave-in coconut oil for $4. And while I was at it, I got a bath sponge because one of my dogs had decided to eat my last one. I got it for $2.25.

As for food, I got sunflower seeds (in my defense, I thought they were pumpkin seeds) for $0.50, a bag of Salt & Vinegar Lay’s for $1.70, and a bag of sweet and salty trail mix for $4.

And, oh yes, here’s more food I got. Keep in mind that none of the items I bought, except for the Kit Kats, are sold in Colombia. Yes, we have chips and Doritos and M&Ms, but not in the flavors you can find in the States.

Cool Ranch Doritos are what I live and die for, so I got a small bag for $.50 and a family-size bag for $4 (see picture below). For $.50 I also got a small bag of  Salt & Vinegar Lay’s. I’m really not sorry about that. Of course, I needed to get my supply of Wheat Thins because they’re the absolute most delicious thing in the world, so I got two boxes for $5.

I also needed some sugar, so I got a bag of Milano Mint Chocolate Minis for $3.70 and one of Salted Caramel cookies for $3.50.

There you have it, the family-size bag of Doritos. I also got a bag of Kit Kat minis for $1.50, and a giant bag of mint M&Ms for $3.

Now tell me in the comments about a snack you love, but that isn’t sold in your country.

Happy Saturday,

Love, Miss Camila

I Tried Dating.com (For About 5 Minutes)

I Tried Dating.com (For About 5 Minutes)



Hello and happy Friday. My name is Camila, and when it comes to new clothes, subscription boxes or online dating sites, I’ll try everything once. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while now, you know that I love OK Cupid and that it’s the site I’ve most consistently used throughout the years, but still that doesn’t mean that I only resort to this site.

That’s why when I saw an Instagram ad for this site/app called Dating.com, I decided to test it out. I didn’t screenshot anything during my signing in process, but now I deeply regret it because it would have been very illustrative. Anyway, I’ll stick to what I can remember. The whole initial process was pretty standard: your username is your first name if I’m not mistaken, you get to upload a picture, you fill in personal information and select the gender of the people you’d like to meet, as well as your mood. So, for example, if you’re feeling “romantic,” your matches would be people looking for long term relationships.

I thought that “mood” feature was pretty cool because it could help avoid misunderstandings that I’ve had on OK Cupid, even when I’ve specified I want to meet men for relationships and not for hooking up. Then you get to the home page, where you can see your matches, and that’s when I started suspecting that Dating.com wasn’t a regular dating website (and this is coming from someone who’s tried Seeking Arrangement and Miss Travel). All my matches, regardless of their race or ethnicity, were cute. And I mean, they were model cute.

Now, I know we all choose our best pictures for these sites, but there’s still a difference between real beauty and model beauty. There are some people that are just above us all in the looks department, and those people aren’t on dating sites, let alone a relatively new and unknown one. Whenever I encounter a profile of a guy that looks just too pretty, I swipe left because my initial thought will always be “this is a fake profile.” Yet here I was, surrounded by what appeared to be fake profiles.

I started getting “likes” right away, which also happens whenever I disable and then re-enable my account on OK Cupid. What was weir was the fact that, again, only hot men liked me. What about the not-so-hot men? Were they suddenly intimidated by my looks? I didn’t think that was the case, but still, I kept exploring the site.

What do we get after the “likes”? That’s right, we get messages. I very rarely message first, but in this app that wasn’t a problem because I started getting tons of them. And they weren’t “hey” or “what’s up,” which I despise. No, these model-cute men were sending me stuff like “I want you to be my princess,” only most of the cheesy messages had grammar mistakes. Honestly, some of them didn’t even make sense.

Again, I thought it was super weird and didn’t reply to any message. I googled the site and found out that, in fact, it is a scam. Here’s how it works: you download the app for free and start getting all these nice messages, right? Well, turns out the people behind the profiles are models, getting paid to send those messages. They’ll make you feel like the most important person in the universe. Of course, some people will fall for that strategy because they’ll think it’s genuine.

I’m not sure about this part because I read about it but (thankfully) didn’t experience it: you’ll get to a point in which the free membership will not be enough. I’m thinking it’s something similar to what happens on Tinder when you’ve reached your “likes” limit: you either pay to get more, or you have to wait for twelve hours. In the case of dating.com, I think it has to do with reaching a message limit.

Imagine that you’re talking to a potential partner who seems perfect. You’re in that early stage in which you talk to them for hours because you want to know everything about them. Your only means of communication with them is an app, but suddenly you get a notification saying that you can’t keep messaging this person unless you pay for the full membership or whatever. I know I’m the complete opposite of a “chill” kind of person, so of course my immediate thought wouldn’t be “well, that was nice, now let’s move on and hope that Mr. Perfect is online tomorrow.” I’d freak out, and yes, I’d probably fall right into the trap and pay to keep talking to this guy.

I honestly can’t believe there’s a group of people behind this app, paying models to play with the feelings of men and women who are just hoping to meet someone, and to take advantage of their vulnerability to make money. I’ve been in the online dating scene for five years now and I’ve had pretty crazy experiences including almost getting engaged. I don’t think my experience has made me cynical; I have a tougher skin now and a more critical eye when it comes to online dating, but even I get excited when I start talking to a new match, and I can’t help but picture a future with a guy who happened to find me attractive enough to talk to me.

I don’t feel like asking a question in the comments, so maybe just say hi and tell me what brought you to this blog.

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila

More Stuff I Bought

More Stuff I Bought

Hello and happy Thursday. We’re going to continue yesterday’s haul, and let me warn you, this will be long, so you better get some chips and something to drink. Okay, I assume you’re back and you’re ready, so let’s get started, shall we?

Remember I told you I made a second trip to Five Below? Okay, here’s the result. I got two pairs of socks, one for my sister and one for me, for $1 each. I mean, could you resist? I couldn’t. I also bought the cutest faux leather leggings for $5, and I adore them. Because I was going to quit my job soon after this trip (which is a topic for another post), I decided I didn’t want to get anything for school. That is, until I found a giant bag of emoji mini erasers for $5. One can never have enough mini erasers, right? Next to that bag, there’s what appears to be a card that says “Stay Magical,” can you spot it? Those are actually 20 pairs of earrings, that are perfect for all of my ear piercings because they’re small and cute and quirky.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I sometimes share stories in which I’m applying my makeup, sort of like in a “get ready with me” kinda thing. For that I have a tripod, but the setup is annoying at times, which is why I got the cutest phone stands for $1 each, one for me and one for my sister. I also got some earphones for $5, and a cute tumbler I used for holding my pens and pencils at home, for $4. Finally, from Five Below I got the cutest, coziest blanket for $5, which I’m sure you’ve seen as the background of many hauls.

As much as I adored Five Below and thought it was the discovery of the century, I still had to take a trip to Dollar Tree and see what I could find. My purchases were very decent, don’t you think? I got a bag of chocolates I was planning on placing in a bowl at the teacher’s room, but then ate myself because they were great.

I also got headbands because I love my hair and I like to find cheap accessories. I use the stretchy ones for when I’m at home either working out or blogging. They help me keep my hair off my face. I use the plastic ones for work, and I like that they are wide because tight headbands give me headaches sometimes.


I went to Victoria’s Secret (because, well, I needed to go), and got pretty awesome deals, as always. I got five panties for $28, and I got seven face masks for $7. But, Camila, I thought you hated face masks. Well, I decided to give them a second chance, taking advantage of this deal, and you know what? For that price, I think face masks are actually pretty cool, and they’re practical.

I also got a shower steamer for $4, just to try one out, but if I’m being honest, I don’t know how it’s supposed to work. If you do, please tell me in the comments because I felt like I wasted $4 on that.

I bought the Moon Light Path splash and lotion, along with the Pretty as a Peach splash for $12.50. Now, Moon Light Path is a fragrance that reminds me of one of my best friends because she actually got me a lotion way back when. It makes me feel like I’m a real adult and I know what I’m doing in life. It’s soft and delicate and completely different to the fragrances I tend to reach for. The Pretty as a Peach splash is definitely not a grownup kind of scent (I mean, what adult would smell like peaches?), but it’s soft and sweet, so it’s what I’d wear when I’m around old people.

I got the White Citrus splash and shower gel in full size, and because of those two purchases, I was able to get the Rose splash for free. Now, Rose is one of those signature Camila scents. It’s strong, and you can tell it’s pink just by smelling it. I had a travel size bottle of White Citrus at work and would spray it on my uniform when I felt that I needed to be fresh. I love the combination of the shower gel and the splash because I can use it after I go to the gym to make me feel energized. I paid $20 for all three products.

You know I’m a planner, so it made sense that I got this cutie (I’m hauling stuff from the trip I made with my family last December). I got it for $7 at Marshall’s and it’s what’s kept me sane throughout the year.








At Marshalls I also got this face wash for $4. I like it and I think it does its job just fine. It does have this sort of manly/ aftershave kind of scent, which goes away when you rinse it. Still, if you’re super sensitive to scents, you’re probably not going to like this.






This bag was what made my trip. I got it for $20 at Marshall’s and I swear it’s my baby.








Our last stop will be in L’Occitane, where, oddly enough, I only got one item. I’m talking about this shower dew I bought for $7. Its texture is lighter and more liquid than a shower gel, but it’s just as great. I like to use it after I’ve gone to the gym because the scent is fantastic.

Out of all the things I hauled, which would you consider buying and why? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

Physical Book Haul

Physical Book Haul

Hello and happy Wednesday. I know that a few weeks ago I showed you these same books in my Baltimore Haul, but I just wanted to sit down and talk more in depth about why I got each one. Let’s get started, shall we?

I didn’t know She Persisted Around the World by Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger existed until I saw it in Barnes & Noble and couldn’t resist. Personally, this book hits closer to home than the original She Persisted, although I want to get my hands on it someday as well. I love the representation there is in this book in terms of the women’s countries of origin, race, and even religion, and I love even more the different disciplines and scenes where they stood out. When I saw this book, I couldn’t help but picture all of the teaching opportunities there are: from reading aloud one story per day and allow for a discussion among Kindergarten or first grade students to full-on research projects with older kids, I think this book is a treasure every teacher should have and incorporate in their lessons somehow.

Following along the feminist mood, I bought Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. The title itself just spoke to me, and then when I knew who the author was, I just had to buy the book. At first, I thought it would be a collection of essays, like Bad Feminist, which has been in my wish list for years now. I’m pretty sure the stories in Difficult Women are fiction, although I might be wrong. Let me confess something: I first picked up this book with the intention of giving it to my sister, but then decided to keep it myself. She can have it once I’m done with it, I guess.

Finally, I think this book is causing you and me both the same amounts of curiosity. I got You’re Not That Great: but neither is anyone else by Elan Gale because it truly spoke to me and I really thought it was a now-or-never thing. Even though I haven’t started yet, I have many titles in my TBR list (including this one) that are, in their way, all about self-empowerment. Here’s the deal: I’m 24 years old, my life’s about to take the hugest turn, and I feel completely unprepared. I went through university, and then for two years worked as a professional and earned my own money, but while living with my mom. In sum, I have no idea how to be my own self, and I’m terrified, so I feel that a book like this one will at least give me some insight as to what being a somewhat independent adult is like.

In the comments below, tell me which of these three books you’d like to read and why.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila



Clothes I Bought

Clothes I Bought

Hello and happy Tuesday. I think I’ve told you before that as much as I love shopping, what I love the most is saving money. There’s something about a good sale that makes my heart happy. On my latest trip to the States, I decided to document my purchases, and now I want to share them with you. Let’s get started, shall we?

Now, what we see in this first picture is what I bought on my first day at Five Below (yes, I went back and got even more stuff, but we’ll probably see that in another post). Discovering the existence of Five Below was like discovering paradise for me.

I bought two pairs of pants, which I wear at home, for $5 each. I don’t know what the Junior Mints are doing in this post, but I got them for $1. I’ll eat anything with chocolate and peppermint in it.

I then went to Forever 21 and surprised myself by only buying four items of clothing. I got a magenta off-the-shoulder bodysuit, which I haven’t yet worn because every time I put it on, I feel like I’m half naked. I got it for $3. The dress next to the bodysuit was the one I wore on Christmas and I got it for free because life is beautiful and there’s an awesome thing called BOGO. I got those cute black yoga pants for $7 and I adore them. I also got some black leggings for $3.90.

I’m not an H&M lover, but thought I’d give it a try on this trip. The white dress with the birds is actually a cute little thing I wore on New Year’s Eve and got for $10. Next to it is a black long sleeve dress I fell in love with at the store. It has a super deep cleavage, so I’d wear it to go out at night. I got that for $10 as well. The “girl crew” neon pastel sweatshirt you see there is my favorite item of clothing for when I’m at home. I’m actually wearing it right now. It was $10. I know, everything I got at H&M was $10, why didn’t I say that from the beginning? Well, I actually got a long skirt (an ankle-length skirt?) for work, and it cost me $7.

I got some accessories from Forever 21, as well as a brush cleaning tool, which was $4.90. The two chokers cost $1.





There’s something about GAP that calls me, and I couldn’t ignore the call. I got the blue sweatshirt for $10. I don’t know what the technical name of that other piece of clothing is, but I love it. It’s long and super cozy; it literally feels like I’m wearing a blanket, but at the same time it’s super classy. I got that for $22.

Those are the clothes I got, though maybe in the posts that follow you’ll see some items I forgot in here. In the comments below tell me what you like the most about shopping.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila

Easy Breezy Copper Eyes

Easy Breezy Copper Eyes

Hello and happy Monday. Today I’m letting you in on a secret that is going to save you precious minutes every morning and is going to make you look A+. I’m talking about using a copper eyeshadow on the eyelid, and then blending the outer corner without adding another shade. Why is it going to save you time? Well, because you’re just using the one eyeshadow. Why does it look A+? Because by blending it out, it gets this cool smokey effect without being a smokey eye. Why copper? You can technically do this with any shade, but I like copper because it goes well with literally everything, which lets you play with different shades of blush, eyeliner, and lippies. Here are the steps I followed to achieve this look:


  1. Primer
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation
  4. Powder
  5. Eyebrows
  6. Copper (eyelid + blend out)
  7. Brown eyeliner (top and bottom lash line)
  8. Mascara
  9. Bronzer
  10. Blush
  11. Lipstick

What tricks do you have to save you time in the morning while still looking great? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila

Bikini Try-On Haul

Bikini Try-On Haul

Bellelily Exclusive Tops Up To 60% Off

Hello and happy Sunday. As of today, I must come clean to you and confess that I currently own an expanding collection of bikinis. Now, up until last year I only wore one-piece swimsuits and I was fine with it. I would see my friends wearing bikinis and I’d think “well, good for them, but two-pieces are definitely not my style.” I remember sending a picture to a guy, and him replying something along the lines of “we need to get you in a bikini.” Funny story: a few weeks ago I sent another guy a picture of me in one of the sets you’ll see below and he replied “I really like that bikini.” This is not going to be a post about embracing your body, or anything for that matter, by the way, I just wanted to give you a little context about my swimwear situation.

In today’s post I’m going to share with you three bikinis I recently acquired, as well as my thoughts on them. Let’s get started, shall we?

This is the bikini that got me the compliment I told you about. I absolutely love the combination of prints and colors, that shouldn’t really go well, but do.

This, by the way, is the Celebrity Merlin Underwire Bikini I got from Swimsuits For All. Now, I’m a little upset that I paid full-price for it because there are always amazing discounts in the sales section, and I was almost certain I had gotten some money off of this.

I especially love two things about this type of bikini: 1) the top has two clasps at the back, which means you have full support; and 2)the bottoms are high-waisted! What got me obsessed over bikinis was the fact that I could rock them without having to show my rolls to the world.

In case you’re wondering, I got the top in an 8 and the bottoms in a 12, and they both fit perfectly.

Also from Swimsuits For All (and also at full-price), I got this cute LBB (little black bikini). I don’t know how I’d lived my life for so long without one.

I got the top in an 8, and the bottoms in a 12, just like the other bikini I showed you, but for some reason, the bottoms were just ridiculously big. Thankfully, I’d also gotten these black bottoms with ruching on the sides in a size 10. These fit perfectly.

I love how simple yet classy this bikini looks; it can be relaxed and fun, while also looking a little bit athletic. It is called the Diva Black High Waist Bikini  , and I paired it with the Black Shirred High Waist Brief, which I tried looking for but seems to be no longer available.

Finally, let’s talk about Adore Me, which is the brand that got me into bikinis as well as all sorts of cute stuff.

My most recent bikini acquisition from this brand is called Jocelynn. This also seems to no longer be available. I fell in love with this bikini because it gave me the strongest vintage/ pinup girl vibes ever.

I got both pieces in a size Large, and I did feel they were a little bit loose on me, although not as much as for me to consider sizing down. This top, just like the one in the first bikini, comes with the straps as well, I just prefer to wear them strapless.

The cool thing about being an Adore Me VIP member, you get really good discounts, as well as occasional free gifts with your purchase.

In the comments below tell me which was your favorite bikini and why.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Wish Buys #1

Wish Buys #1

Hello and happy Saturday. There’s this site, which also has an app, called Wish, where you can get awesome stuff for really low prices. Now, I’ve seen many Wish hauls on YouTube and, of course, I was tempted to try the site myself. The prices of some items are indeed very low, some stuff is free, and there is international shipping, and that obviously added to my excitement.


I bought a lot of stuff and not all of it arrived by the expected date, so I’m still waiting to see what happens with that, but I decided that in the meantime I would share with you what I did get. Let’s get started, shall we?

Pop Socket

I wanted to add the link to this, but apparently the product no longer exists, sorry. This was cute, clearly not an original Pop Socket, but it did the job alright for a few weeks. After a while I did notice that the sticky part was coming off until it totally did, and then obviously the item became useless. I don’t remember whether this was for free, but if it wasn’t, it probably cost $1, so I didn’t really expect great quality.



Slytherin Socks 

I ordered ankle socks, and as you can see, that’s what I got. The tag is wrong, but my order wasn’t. I guess that’s what happens when you buy Chinese products. The socks are cute and cozy. If I were planning a Harry Potter-themed event, I would probably check out more designs and more items because these were totally worth it, I don’t care if they’re not “original” Harry Potter socks.





Cubic Zirconia Ring

Anybody else likes to wear fake engagement rings from time to time? This is cute, and chunky, and sparkly, and it really does look like an engagement ring. My hands are big, so I often wear big rings, and this does the job perfectly. Honestly, seeing this makes me want to buy more and expand my fake engagement ring collection.



Plastic Bottle

I took this one to a trip and it was a life saver. It’s small and lightweight, so you can carry it everywhere, and it has a string handle, so you don’t have to be holding it at all times. I would honestly consider getting one in every color.

Okay, so that’s the end of today’s haul of random stuff I bought from Wish. Have you checked out their site or their app? What would you buy from them and why? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila

I Tried E-Harmony for a Month

I Tried E-Harmony for a Month

Laser Hair Removal.png

Hello and happy Friday. When it comes to online dating, you know that I’m open to trying new apps or sites, even if I always end up going back to my beloved OK Cupid. A few months ago, I decided to test one of the most “serious” services out there: E-Harmony. The monthly subscription cost $60, so of course for that price my only thought was “man, I hope I do find my future husband on here.”

I don’t know if this is one of those sites that works wonderfully for some people but sucks for others, in which case I belong to the latter. You have to fill out a profile, just like on every site, but I found that the questions in this site were targeted towards long-term relationships. In the end, that’s what people look for on this site, no?

The first sign that this wasn’t the site for me was the fact that, even though I specified I wanted to meet guys between the ages of 24 and 30, my “matches” often were outside of that age range. Other preferences weren’t really taken into account, so I was basically getting random matches for $2 a day. There were still guys I found interesting, and according to the algorithm, we were “compatible,” so I “liked” them, or whatever you call it on E-Harmony.

I thought, “okay, I’m getting a few nice matches,” and I basically sat down and waited to see who would talk to me. Call me Miss Controversial all you want, but I very rarely message first, and I wasn’t going to change that. Was that a mistake? Probably, but still, even in my worst days on OK Cupid I get a couple of messages. Do you know how many messages I got on E-Harmony during a month? One. One guy messaged me. Do you want to know what the message said? It said “gorgeous.”

We can all agree that E-Harmony is not the site for me, or maybe I’m not the kind of person who would take full advantage of a site like this. Either way, one month and $60 later, I felt like this experience was a complete failure.

As I’m writing this, though, I feel like I have to update you on something, and it’s the fact that I might have met an interesting someone on OK Cupid. When I say “met,” I mean strictly online for now, with the promise of seeing each other in person soon. I’m telling you this because it might seem like I try all these sites and they don’t work, and what happens is that I’m trying to make the real stuff work, and for that I need to keep it to myself. I will say, though, that I’m hopeful and I’m happy, and honestly that’s all that matters to me right now.

Do you know of any e-harmony or match.com success stories? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila

How I Manage My Buys and Subscriptions

How I Manage My Buys and Subscriptions

Laser Hair Removal.pngHello and happy Thursday. You and I both know that I love subscription boxes. Okay, yes, I’m a bit addicted to them, but I just love getting a box full of nice surprises each month and then telling you about it. I love shopping in general, and even though sometimes I go crazy, I’m not really an impulse buyer. Quite the opposite, actually. Today, I want to tell you about the system I have to manage my monthly purchases and subscriptions. Let’s get started, shall we?

First and foremost, I want to clarify that, for those who don’t know, I have a stable job that pays well, and that’s what allows me to indulge every month. I’ve always been very conscious when it comes to the amount of money I spend versus the amount of money I actually earn, and each month I save a percentage of my salary. I love shopping but I’m not crazy.

I have a list in which I’ve written down what I want to buy each month. In this list I even write about subscriptions I want to get or cancel. Every month, after I make a purchase, I cross the item from my list. It’s no lie, though, that subscription services make up most of my expenses. I’ll list them below and tell you how I manage each.

The Book Drop 

I subscribed to this at the beginning of last year. It’s a pretty cool subscription box because you only pay $13 a month and you get a book as well as a couple of goodies. I got the three-month subscription because it was so cheap. That’s something I would recommend if you’re into these services but don’t want to have money taken out from your account every single month. Yes, that’s going to mean spending more money on that moment, but for the following three, six, or even twelve months, you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting your box. I only wanted to try this service, so after the three months were over, I unsubscribed.


I love OwlCrate with every fiber of my being and I think it’s worth every cent of the $30 it costs. My problem with this box is that it does no good to my finances, so I’m often struggling between reactivating and cancelling my subscription. That’s why you get OwlCrate unboxings on some months, and then you don’t on others. I usually pay for the month-to-month service, although I hope one day I’ll be able to treat myself to a full year of OwlCrate. Pausing or cancelling subscriptions from time to time is also a valid option if you feel like you can’t keep making a monthly expense. As of today, I’m only subscribed to services I’ve paid for in advance, and Adore Me, but we’ll get to that later.


I love Ipsy and I will defend it any day. If you’ve seen my glam bag unboxings, you know that I’m always happy with what I get, and I think the products and the bags are awesome, especially consider this service costs $10 a month. I was able to treat myself to a full year of Ipsy last April, although I cancelled my subscription so it wouldn’t be automatically renewed. If I’m not mistaken, I paid for eleven months instead of twelve, so another advantage of buying “packages” of three months of more is actually getting discounts. Ultimately, when you subscribe month-to-month, you’re paying more.

Book Case Club

I don’t know how they do it, but for $10 a month, you get two books, usually a paperback and a hardcover. I only wanted to try this service, so I got the three-month subscription. In the future I’ll for sure re-subscribe for a full year.

Fandom of the Month Club

I was convinced I’d gotten the three-month subscription, but I had gotten the month-to-month and then cancelled. That explains why I only got one box. Okay, well, for $13 a month I would get the three-month subscription, especially because what you get is cool fandom jewelry.


Sensebox is a Colombian subscription box along the lines of Ipsy, only this box does carry full size products. I’ve been subscribed almost since it started, and I love it. I subscribed for a full year, but didn’t renew my subscription. If you live outside of the U.S I would highly suggest you to look for subscription boxes in your own country because that way you will at least save the shipping expenses.

Kawaii Box

This is literally a $20 box of cute stuff. I’ve subscribed and cancelled my subscription multiple times, mainly because I don’t really want to get it every single month but sporadically. The cool thing about Kawaii Box is that shipping is included in the $20 you pay, so it makes the box really cheap and worth giving a try.

Adore Me

See? I told you we would get to talk about Adore Me. I am a VIP Member, which means I sort of *have* to make a monthly purchase. I don’t get sent a random item every month, I actually buy whatever I want, and if for some reason I don’t want to buy anything on a given month, I can pause my membership. I haven’t skipped any months since I started shopping at Adore Me, and in fact I’ve gotten two free sets, a makeup bag and a tote bag.

OK Cupid A-List

Yes, I’m subscribed OK Cupid. I actually paid for six months in advance, which means I actually had to pay about half of what month-to-month subscribers pay. Six months on OK Cupid A-List cost $28.

Do you have a system to manage your monthly purchases or subscriptions? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila