My Thoughts on “Wonder”

My Thoughts on “Wonder”


Hello and happy Tuesday. Also, happy last day of Summertime Madness; starting tomorrow I’ll go back to my regular blogging schedule.

I’ve had this post idea for a while and have actually sat down once before to try and write, but for some reason I just didn’t and decided to go on to “easier” posts. Basically, a few months ago I went to watch Wonder and I wanted to share my thoughts with you, as I’ve done with other movies and some shows.

I own the book, and it’s been in my TBR list for the longest time, but I haven’t picked it up yet, and I think part of the reason I haven’t is the same that hadn’t let me sit down and write this post: there’s no way to approach Wonder without being vulnerable. I’m a crier, okay? I know it and the people in my life know it, but this is one of those movies that will touch every fiber of your soul. That being said, to truly feel it and understand all the messages this movie has to share, you have to be an emotionally mature person. I’m not talking about a defined age, I’m talking about a state in which I think you should be, and I’m saying this because I watched this movie with my 17-year-old sister and her reactions towards some situations were the ones of a person with zero empathy.

This idea leads me to my second conclusion on Wonder, and it’s that it is going to touch ever fiber of your soul, especially if you’ve had some sort of life tragedy in your life. I’m not saying that people with happy lives won’t get this movie; I consider my life pretty happy at the moment, but I think in order to feel that empathy I previously talked about, you have to had experienced something similar to what Auggie, his parents, his sister, and even his friends felt, you know?

It was especially painful for me to see myself reflected on Auggie’s sister because one of my tragedies has to do with one of my siblings. I related to her in many ways because I’d felt and thought what she was feeling and doing. I could also relate to Auggie’s parents (and, before I forget, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson are absolute geniuses) because I experienced my parents’ suffering. And my teacher heart also suffered for all those kids that aren’t having a good time in life because they’re different.

Did you watch Wonder? In the comments let me know what you thought about it!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila