Nail Polish Haul/Unhaul (1/2)

Nail Polish Haul/Unhaul (1/2)

Hello and happy Sunday. I feel that I haven’t done a nail-related post in the longest time, and now that I need to go through my stuff and decide what stays and what goes (or rather, what goes with me, and what goes to the trash), I thought it would be cool to share my nail polishes in a haul/unhaul kinda post. In each picture I’m starting with the thumb and going all the way to the little finger. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Dollface from Formula X

You can see this is a tiny little thing because I got it in an Ipsy Glam Bag. The color is a very pretty and light pink, but the problem is that the wand is so short, I can’t ever apply this properly. If I find it in full size, I’ll totally get it.

2. Look at My Bow! by OPI 

This is one of those things a YouTuber made me buy (thank you, Nicole Guerriero). This nail polish, along with two others I’m also hauling, belongs to the Hello Kitty Collection from OPI. Yes, I live and die for Hello Kitty. This color is what I would call “Barbie pink,” and as much as I like it, I rarely reach for it because I don’t think it looks good on my nails. Still, because it’s a Hello Kitty nail polish, I’m giving it one last chance.

3. Nailen 

This one is from a Colombian brand, and it has no name. It’s a nice, glittery blue, and I used to wear it a lot for work because I had to wear a blue blazer on Fridays, and this just looked great. A colleague gave it to me because it chips like crazy, but I don’t really mind that, especially now that I have more time to take care of my nails than I did when I used to work. This is obviously going with me.

4. Green Daylilly by Margaret Dabbs

This one was also courtesy of Ipsy and I got it in full-size. I love the bluish/greenish shade because it’s foolproof in terms of when and where in can be worn. I like how the first layer applies, but when I go for the second one, the finish is horrible. I’ve tried only applying one coat because the polish is thick and pigmented enough, but of course it ends up chipping within the first two days. I’m keeping this because the color is too pretty and I can look for a way to make it work.

5. Evening Seduction by China Glaze 

This is a super dark blood-like red with violet undertones. It’s gorgeous, but it’s all dry now, so I’m throwing it away. I also haven’t been super into dark nail polish shades, so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this or getting a similar one for that matter.


  1. It’s All About That Nail by Catrice 

This is the only red I own, and I like to wear it when I go on vacation and I know I’m going to sunbathe. Opaque colors help protect the nails from the sun, and I like that red is still vibrant enough to go with the vacation theme. I’m going to move in summertime, so you can be sure I’m taking this nail polish with me.

2. Huntress by Formula X 

You guessed it, I got this in an Ipsy Glam Bag. Yes, it’s tiny, and yes, the wand is super short, but I’m keeping this polish because the texture of it is less creamy than the Dollface one, so the application is easier. Besides, it’s got this duo-chrome green and brown shade I love. I think it would be a great shade for the fall, don’t you?

3. This thing has no name and the brand is in Korean

I got this polish in my Kawaii Box (you can click here to check out the whole unboxing). It’s a neon pastel pink that glows in the dark. You might think “so you’re keeping it, right?” I’m not. This is a cool thing to joke around but it’s not something I would wear for real. Besides, it is all streaky and not meant to be a quality product.

4. ZN

I bought this nail polish a long time ago in China Town in New York, and it has no name. Because it’s basically just glitter, it’s super chunky, but I love it and I’ve had no problems applying it. This is my go-to option when I don’t want to wear “real” nail polish, so of course I’ll need it with me in the States.

5. Heaven by China Glaze 

This is a very light peach and I had very high hopes for it, but I absolutely despise the formulation. It is super creamy, so it doesn’t really dry down, and causes my nails to get ruined in no time. I’ve tried to wear this many times and it literally doesn’t last more than a few hours on my nails because it’s just so horrible. It is definitely going to the trashcan.

Stick around for next week’s post, in which I’ll be hauling and unhauling more polishes. In the comments below, tell me which of the shades I swatched was your favorite and why.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila





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