How I Keep My E-Mail Organized

How I Keep My E-Mail Organized


Hello and happy Saturday. I used to be one of those people who got overwhelmed with e-mails for no apparent reason and it was exhausting. I think there were many sources to this problem: the fact that I’m a teacher and I love being subscribed to a ton of blogs, getting emails related to books I want to review, and then all the brands I’m subscribed to because I’m addicted to online shopping.

Now, I started by saying I used to be overwhelmed by this, as in this is no longer a problem for me, and I’ll tell you exactly what I did so that the massive amount of emails in your inbox no longer constitutes a problem to you. This obviously works whether you’re a blogger or not, but I think that, especially for book bloggers and reviewers, it’s going to be super useful.

You have to set aside a specific time to organize your e-mail, and I’m talking an afternoon or something like that. This is going to be a one-time thing, don’t worry, it’s not like now you’ll have to spend the better portion of you Friday sorting through e-mails. Now, you need to start looking at all the e-mails you get. If they’re irrelevant to you, delete them, but if you see that you get a lot of messages that might belong to the same category, and that you’d like to save, create a folder and store them there.

I have ten different folders at the moment, and what I do is that whenever I check my email, I’ll just file the message in one of them, or I’ll simply delete them. I have a folder called “Amazon,” in which I keep track of my purchases. I usually delete the emails in this folder when I’ve gotten the product I bought.

I also have a “NetGalley” folder, where I keep the confirmation emails for when I’ve gained access to a book. This way I know the titles I have to read and review and the sources where each publishing house whats me to share said review. Every few months I’ll go through all of my folders and delete the messages I no longer consider necessary. I might even delete a full folder if it is no longer relevant to me.

After scanning through your e-mails and creating folders for your relevant categories, you’ll probably notice that your trash folder is full. I’ll tell you what it’s full of: ads from stores you’ve subscribed to. Now, I know it’s fun to get emails once in a while about new products and sales, but getting them everyday is annoying. It took me another afternoon to look through my trash bin and unsubscribe from basically every store, blog, and brand I was subscribed to. I can assure you, this is going to decrease the number of emails you get by a lot, and then you’ll only receive what is relevant to you.

Do you have any tips for keeping your inbox organized? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila

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