On Gym Culture

On Gym Culture

Announcement.pngHello and happy Thursday. 2018 has been a year of great changes for me in every sense of the word. As I’m writing this, I’m unemployed (by choice) and in three months I will be moving to the States. As you’re reading this, I’m probably in a training program to become a teacher.

Small changes have also happened, like I finally decided to stop going to my old Zumba studio because I was feeling zero motivation. I changed Zumba for the gym because it offers a wider variety of classes, it’s cheaper, and it also gives me the possibility of using the actual machines if I ever want to.

In order to start going to the gym, a checkup with a doctor is required. I knew more or less what I was going to be told, and honestly I was dreading it. Let me summarize it for you: I’m overweight, and two hours of dancing classes per week will not change that. The thing is, I know that already and I’m not attending a gym to lose weight. I’ve already established a routine in which I exercise during the weekends and I want to keep it, that’s why I want to go to the gym.

The doctor who conducted the checkup was reproducing a discourse that 1. sounded completely fake, and 2. was targeted towards people’s insecurities. This second item was the one that made me write today’s post. Our society has a problem when it comes to working out or being “fit.” You can’t imagine how many accounts I’ve had to unfollow on social media, especially Instagram because it seems like everybody is obsessed with exercising and showing their bodies.

All of a sudden, a teacher I was following became a “fitness coach” and started posting what they ate everyday, and also bits of their workout routine, and that was just plain annoying. Add to that the “motivational” posts that went along the lines of “you can do it. Today is the best day to start your new life. If I could lose weight and gain my life back, so can you!”  It got to a point where I had to unfollow them to stop seeing those posts. The same has happened with more “famous” people, like Paola from 90-Day Fiancé.

I’ve already told you I go to the gym, and I try to eat healthily (yes, I also eat pizza and fries and I enjoy every second of it), and I even did a little series here in my blog where I told you about my visits to the nutritionist and the progress I was having. I’m okay with that, and I love when people ask me whether I’ve lost weight because I look slimmer. I’m not okay with dedicating all my thoughts into what I eat and the time I’ve spent working out. I’m not okay with a doctor telling me, their voice filled with pity, that in order to be happy I had to work out for two hours every day and I had to stop eating carbs at 5 pm.

What are your thoughts on gym culture? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila