PoF vs. OK Cupid

PoF vs. OK Cupid

Laser Hair Removal.pngHello and happy Tuesday. The year was 2017 and your girl had just recently gotten life-changing news that would imply moving to another country. The year was almost over, and I was an emotional mess, partly because the end of the year always gets me that way, partly because I knew this year was going to bring me huge decisions to make, but mostly because once again I wasn’t going to get a New Year’s kiss.

Is that incredibly superficial? Probably, but so am I, and I couldn’t believe that my last year living in Colombia was going to end with me being dateless. I knew I wasn’t going to find someone for New Years, especially because I wasn’t in my hometown and there was no way I could have a Tinderventure while staying at a house with my entire family. I decided that I could, instead, focus my energies on finding someone to meet once I moved to the States, you know? I could work towards the future.

My trusted and beloved O.K Cupid wasn’t doing it for me. I mean, yes, I was talking to some guys, but it was more because I was bored and needed to be entertained by these conversations, and not really because I felt that I could indeed meet one of my matches in the future. I needed to explore another app, and so I got back to an old friend, Plenty of Fish.

I learned about PoF at the same time as OK Cupid, and at first I actually used both before swearing fidelity to OKC, so I was used to the site and the app. Of course, throughout the years there have been changes in both apps, but I felt that PoF got kinda stuck behind if compared with other sites. I felt that I was in the exact same platform that I tried five years ago.

The first thing you do in every site is fill out your profile. Some questions are weird, and I’m okay with that because I know there’s some sort of science behind them that aims to match you with a person who could truly be compatible with you, but I felt some of the PoF questions were invasive and honestly, totally pointless. For example, you had to state your yearly income. Excuse me? Why does a dating site need to know how much money I earn each year? I get understand that information like that is important for sites like Seeking Arrangement, because for a sugar relationship you need to know about your possible match’s finances and expectations, but for a “regular” dating app? Weird.

I don’t know whether I answered that question or not, I don’t even remember if there was a way to skip some questions the way you can in OKC, but I decided to continue my PoF journey because I was that desperate. When filling out my profile I was asked about my location or the app required the location on my phone to be enabled, which led to me having a profile that stated I lived in Colombia. That was true at the moment, but I wasn’t looking for Colombian matches. In OK Cupid you can enable your location on your phone or you can manually set it up. That means that I could appear as if I were living in Baltimore even though I wasn’t.

Of course, the way these apps work, at least in theory, is by pairing you with people who live close to your location, so I was filled with a ton of Colombian matches on PoF and no way to change the settings. Not just that, the guys who started “liking” me and sending me messages were totally not my type. Again, in OK Cupid you can set up your preferences, and even though your matches will not always be 100% like you wanted them, the age and height range you specify is respected.

Sorry, PoF, but you and I were definitely not a good match. I went back to using OK Cupid and was successful in finding someone I really wanted to meet. I’ll talk more about that in another post because I feel like I’ve given too many hints and I should just sit down and write the whole story. In the meantime, let me know whether you’ve used Plenty of Fish and your thoughts on it.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila

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