Random Stuff I Bought (Mostly Food)

Random Stuff I Bought (Mostly Food)

Hello and happy Saturday. This is my last post on stuff I bought during my latest trip to the States. Yes, I mostly bought food because I love American snacks, and if you want my heart, you better take note of what I’ll show today. Let’s get started, shall we?

This first picture can also be called my “Cracker Barrel” haul. I love that restaurant, but only until that last trip I’d been able to buy stuff from the store. As for non-edibles, I got a bag with psalm 13:5, which goes “But I trust in your unfailing love.” You know, sometimes you need reminders like that in your daily life, especially if they are $1.50. I also got a tumbler that says “I would love to stay here and chat, but I’m lying.” I filled that with candy and mini erasers and took it to work, to decorate my desk. I got that for $10.

Now, let’s get to the fun part: the candy. I got that Bean Boozled thingy, which I gave to my sister’s boyfriend, for $5. The candy cane Hershey’s bar was $2.30. I’m a sucker for anything chocolate flavored, so of course I got chocolate covered pretzels and something else I don’t remember. I looked for the price in my invoice, but I couldn’t find it. I think, though, these are 3 for $5 or something like that. I also got a Chunky bar, which I didn’t know had raisins, but I still liked it. That cost $3. Finally, yes, I got a rice crispy treat because they’re my weakness, and I paid $2.30 for it.

I don’t know if you do this when you travel with family, but on the last day we always go to a chain store to basically spend the last of our money. It’s like we can’t go home with any change because what are we going to do with foreign currency anyway? On that last trip to CVS I got the essentials, and by that I mean I got makeup and food, obviously.

I got two brow pencils for $5, and the best part is that they came with a sharpener. I also bought a chapstick for $2 and come to think of it, I have no idea where it is. I bought shaving gel (which to me is always a must) for $5, and the two setting sprays, one matte and one dewy for $8 each. I obviously had to buy something for my hair, which is why I got that leave-in coconut oil for $4. And while I was at it, I got a bath sponge because one of my dogs had decided to eat my last one. I got it for $2.25.

As for food, I got sunflower seeds (in my defense, I thought they were pumpkin seeds) for $0.50, a bag of Salt & Vinegar Lay’s for $1.70, and a bag of sweet and salty trail mix for $4.

And, oh yes, here’s more food I got. Keep in mind that none of the items I bought, except for the Kit Kats, are sold in Colombia. Yes, we have chips and Doritos and M&Ms, but not in the flavors you can find in the States.

Cool Ranch Doritos are what I live and die for, so I got a small bag for $.50 and a family-size bag for $4 (see picture below). For $.50 I also got a small bag of  Salt & Vinegar Lay’s. I’m really not sorry about that. Of course, I needed to get my supply of Wheat Thins because they’re the absolute most delicious thing in the world, so I got two boxes for $5.

I also needed some sugar, so I got a bag of Milano Mint Chocolate Minis for $3.70 and one of Salted Caramel cookies for $3.50.

There you have it, the family-size bag of Doritos. I also got a bag of Kit Kat minis for $1.50, and a giant bag of mint M&Ms for $3.

Now tell me in the comments about a snack you love, but that isn’t sold in your country.

Happy Saturday,

Love, Miss Camila