More Stuff I Bought

More Stuff I Bought

Hello and happy Thursday. We’re going to continue yesterday’s haul, and let me warn you, this will be long, so you better get some chips and something to drink. Okay, I assume you’re back and you’re ready, so let’s get started, shall we?

Remember I told you I made a second trip to Five Below? Okay, here’s the result. I got two pairs of socks, one for my sister and one for me, for $1 each. I mean, could you resist? I couldn’t. I also bought the cutest faux leather leggings for $5, and I adore them. Because I was going to quit my job soon after this trip (which is a topic for another post), I decided I didn’t want to get anything for school. That is, until I found a giant bag of emoji mini erasers for $5. One can never have enough mini erasers, right? Next to that bag, there’s what appears to be a card that says “Stay Magical,” can you spot it? Those are actually 20 pairs of earrings, that are perfect for all of my ear piercings because they’re small and cute and quirky.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I sometimes share stories in which I’m applying my makeup, sort of like in a “get ready with me” kinda thing. For that I have a tripod, but the setup is annoying at times, which is why I got the cutest phone stands for $1 each, one for me and one for my sister. I also got some earphones for $5, and a cute tumbler I used for holding my pens and pencils at home, for $4. Finally, from Five Below I got the cutest, coziest blanket for $5, which I’m sure you’ve seen as the background of many hauls.

As much as I adored Five Below and thought it was the discovery of the century, I still had to take a trip to Dollar Tree and see what I could find. My purchases were very decent, don’t you think? I got a bag of chocolates I was planning on placing in a bowl at the teacher’s room, but then ate myself because they were great.

I also got headbands because I love my hair and I like to find cheap accessories. I use the stretchy ones for when I’m at home either working out or blogging. They help me keep my hair off my face. I use the plastic ones for work, and I like that they are wide because tight headbands give me headaches sometimes.


I went to Victoria’s Secret (because, well, I needed to go), and got pretty awesome deals, as always. I got five panties for $28, and I got seven face masks for $7. But, Camila, I thought you hated face masks. Well, I decided to give them a second chance, taking advantage of this deal, and you know what? For that price, I think face masks are actually pretty cool, and they’re practical.

I also got a shower steamer for $4, just to try one out, but if I’m being honest, I don’t know how it’s supposed to work. If you do, please tell me in the comments because I felt like I wasted $4 on that.

I bought the Moon Light Path splash and lotion, along with the Pretty as a Peach splash for $12.50. Now, Moon Light Path is a fragrance that reminds me of one of my best friends because she actually got me a lotion way back when. It makes me feel like I’m a real adult and I know what I’m doing in life. It’s soft and delicate and completely different to the fragrances I tend to reach for. The Pretty as a Peach splash is definitely not a grownup kind of scent (I mean, what adult would smell like peaches?), but it’s soft and sweet, so it’s what I’d wear when I’m around old people.

I got the White Citrus splash and shower gel in full size, and because of those two purchases, I was able to get the Rose splash for free. Now, Rose is one of those signature Camila scents. It’s strong, and you can tell it’s pink just by smelling it. I had a travel size bottle of White Citrus at work and would spray it on my uniform when I felt that I needed to be fresh. I love the combination of the shower gel and the splash because I can use it after I go to the gym to make me feel energized. I paid $20 for all three products.

You know I’m a planner, so it made sense that I got this cutie (I’m hauling stuff from the trip I made with my family last December). I got it for $7 at Marshall’s and it’s what’s kept me sane throughout the year.








At Marshalls I also got this face wash for $4. I like it and I think it does its job just fine. It does have this sort of manly/ aftershave kind of scent, which goes away when you rinse it. Still, if you’re super sensitive to scents, you’re probably not going to like this.






This bag was what made my trip. I got it for $20 at Marshall’s and I swear it’s my baby.








Our last stop will be in L’Occitane, where, oddly enough, I only got one item. I’m talking about this shower dew I bought for $7. Its texture is lighter and more liquid than a shower gel, but it’s just as great. I like to use it after I’ve gone to the gym because the scent is fantastic.

Out of all the things I hauled, which would you consider buying and why? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila