Clothes I Bought

Clothes I Bought

Hello and happy Tuesday. I think I’ve told you before that as much as I love shopping, what I love the most is saving money. There’s something about a good sale that makes my heart happy. On my latest trip to the States, I decided to document my purchases, and now I want to share them with you. Let’s get started, shall we?

Now, what we see in this first picture is what I bought on my first day at Five Below (yes, I went back and got even more stuff, but we’ll probably see that in another post). Discovering the existence of Five Below was like discovering paradise for me.

I bought two pairs of pants, which I wear at home, for $5 each. I don’t know what the Junior Mints are doing in this post, but I got them for $1. I’ll eat anything with chocolate and peppermint in it.

I then went to Forever 21 and surprised myself by only buying four items of clothing. I got a magenta off-the-shoulder bodysuit, which I haven’t yet worn because every time I put it on, I feel like I’m half naked. I got it for $3. The dress next to the bodysuit was the one I wore on Christmas and I got it for free because life is beautiful and there’s an awesome thing called BOGO. I got those cute black yoga pants for $7 and I adore them. I also got some black leggings for $3.90.

I’m not an H&M lover, but thought I’d give it a try on this trip. The white dress with the birds is actually a cute little thing I wore on New Year’s Eve and got for $10. Next to it is a black long sleeve dress I fell in love with at the store. It has a super deep cleavage, so I’d wear it to go out at night. I got that for $10 as well. The “girl crew” neon pastel sweatshirt you see there is my favorite item of clothing for when I’m at home. I’m actually wearing it right now. It was $10. I know, everything I got at H&M was $10, why didn’t I say that from the beginning? Well, I actually got a long skirt (an ankle-length skirt?) for work, and it cost me $7.

I got some accessories from Forever 21, as well as a brush cleaning tool, which was $4.90. The two chokers cost $1.





There’s something about GAP that calls me, and I couldn’t ignore the call. I got the blue sweatshirt for $10. I don’t know what the technical name of that other piece of clothing is, but I love it. It’s long and super cozy; it literally feels like I’m wearing a blanket, but at the same time it’s super classy. I got that for $22.

Those are the clothes I got, though maybe in the posts that follow you’ll see some items I forgot in here. In the comments below tell me what you like the most about shopping.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila