Bikini Try-On Haul

Bikini Try-On Haul

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Hello and happy Sunday. As of today, I must come clean to you and confess that I currently own an expanding collection of bikinis. Now, up until last year I only wore one-piece swimsuits and I was fine with it. I would see my friends wearing bikinis and I’d think “well, good for them, but two-pieces are definitely not my style.” I remember sending a picture to a guy, and him replying something along the lines of “we need to get you in a bikini.” Funny story: a few weeks ago I sent another guy a picture of me in one of the sets you’ll see below and he replied “I really like that bikini.” This is not going to be a post about embracing your body, or anything for that matter, by the way, I just wanted to give you a little context about my swimwear situation.

In today’s post I’m going to share with you three bikinis I recently acquired, as well as my thoughts on them. Let’s get started, shall we?

This is the bikini that got me the compliment I told you about. I absolutely love the combination of prints and colors, that shouldn’t really go well, but do.

This, by the way, is the Celebrity Merlin Underwire Bikini I got from Swimsuits For All. Now, I’m a little upset that I paid full-price for it because there are always amazing discounts in the sales section, and I was almost certain I had gotten some money off of this.

I especially love two things about this type of bikini: 1) the top has two clasps at the back, which means you have full support; and 2)the bottoms are high-waisted! What got me obsessed over bikinis was the fact that I could rock them without having to show my rolls to the world.

In case you’re wondering, I got the top in an 8 and the bottoms in a 12, and they both fit perfectly.

Also from Swimsuits For All (and also at full-price), I got this cute LBB (little black bikini). I don’t know how I’d lived my life for so long without one.

I got the top in an 8, and the bottoms in a 12, just like the other bikini I showed you, but for some reason, the bottoms were just ridiculously big. Thankfully, I’d also gotten these black bottoms with ruching on the sides in a size 10. These fit perfectly.

I love how simple yet classy this bikini looks; it can be relaxed and fun, while also looking a little bit athletic. It is called the Diva Black High Waist Bikini  , and I paired it with the Black Shirred High Waist Brief, which I tried looking for but seems to be no longer available.

Finally, let’s talk about Adore Me, which is the brand that got me into bikinis as well as all sorts of cute stuff.

My most recent bikini acquisition from this brand is called Jocelynn. This also seems to no longer be available. I fell in love with this bikini because it gave me the strongest vintage/ pinup girl vibes ever.

I got both pieces in a size Large, and I did feel they were a little bit loose on me, although not as much as for me to consider sizing down. This top, just like the one in the first bikini, comes with the straps as well, I just prefer to wear them strapless.

The cool thing about being an Adore Me VIP member, you get really good discounts, as well as occasional free gifts with your purchase.

In the comments below tell me which was your favorite bikini and why.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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