I Tried OK Cupid A+ For a Month

I Tried OK Cupid A+ For a Month

Ebook (2).pngHello and happy Tuesday. I’ve talked a lot about online dating on my blog, and I’ve mentioned different sites I’ve used for this. My ultimate favorite one is OK Cupid, and trust me, I say that after trying a fair share of apps and sites. If you’re new to the world of online dating, check out this post I wrote with tips and information you might find useful.

Anyway, I was telling you about my relationship with OK Cupid, which has lasted longer than all my other romantic relationships. I found out about the app five years ago (really? It’s been that long? Man…) and downloaded out of curiosity. Online dating is still a taboo topic for many people, and especially in Colombia people still think that trying to meet people off the internet is just a way to get yourself into trouble.

Throughout those five years I’ve been on and off the app, but I’d always kept the same profile; I just disabled it from time to time. After the mess of 2015, you know, when I started talking to this guy and this escalated super quickly and I basically got bored of everything getting too serious too soon (click here to read the whole story), I deleted my account, and it wasn’t until one year later that I decided to create a new profile.

I recently decided to get A+, which is the upgraded version of OK Cupid. Now, I still haven’t found Prince Charming, and I don’t know if I will through this app, but that doesn’t stop me from using it. Having A+ means that I actually get to see who likes me, even if I don’t like the person back. This helps me consider all of my potential matches and know who really is interested in me.

Ok Cupid was updated, so with that update you can only text people you’ve liked, but the other person will only be able to see the message if they like you back or if found in Double Take. With A+ I get to see who’s messaged me without having to like them back. I can also see who has liked and messaged me, and out of those profiles, whom I’ve “passed” (or swiped left).

After trying OK Cupid A+ for a month, I decided to get the six-month subscription. I feel that now I can take full advantage of the app. I know what I want out of OK Cupid, and having the chance to see who’s interested in me and who’s messaged me, even if I haven’t check them out means that I can be smarter about the way I use the app.

In the comments below, tell me about your experience with paid online dating services.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila

4 thoughts on “I Tried OK Cupid A+ For a Month

  1. I had some serious private information. I wanted possible partners to know but I didn’t want my real name hook to it immediately. So I bailed hard and fast from OkCupid when they did the whole stupid real name thing. I would consider going back, but I don’t want to have to answer the 1000 plus questions I had answered.

    Yet they have not apologized for threaten my privacy like they did. Backtracking is not an appolgy, and until they do, I’m wary of them trying a similar stupid stunt.

    My data is mine, I choose when to share my details. Okay Cupid sits their and brags about their data. So I’m going to be slow to ever trust them again.


    1. I’m sorry your experience wasn’t the best. I honestly think that if you’re going into online dating you have to be willing to share some information people might consider “private” (then again, my name is about the least private thing I have…it’s everywhere online). I only answer a number of the questions and I skip them whenever I’m not comfortable sharing the answer. Then again, you might have better luck with other sites that are all about being mysterious and secretive, I just think they’re plain shady.


  2. I was only OK Cupid for about a month 5 years ago. Thankfully I met my boyfriend almost immediately, so I wasn’t on the site long, but boy did I get some weird and creepy messages in that short time period!!! Everything from explicit sexual requests to the suggestion that I seem like someone they could marry…goodness!!! My boyfriend went on many dates before meeting me and met some crazy woman, one of whom was fleeing the state and asked him to join…on their first date haha!! Overall, I had a good experience, but online dating certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. Good luck in your search for Prince Charming!


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