On Roommates

On Roommates


Hello and happy Thursday. Let me tell you straight up what I think about having roommates: it’s not for me. I’ve lived for almost eighteen years with just my mom and my sister, and for most of that time, we’ve each had our own room.

Moving out is an obvious part of growing up, and if you don’t think so, maybe you should go see a psychologist. In the US it’s common for people to leave their house to go to college, and then at some point to have roommates. Well, that’s not common in Colombia, at least not for me or people in my same social circle, you know? We are expected to move out of our house and live by ourselves or with a partner if we have one.

My situation is obviously different because moving out for me really means moving abroad, but still, it never crossed my mind to have roommates. I know that having roommates is still having your own space but sharing common areas like the kitchen and living room, and sometimes the bathroom, and also sharing responsibilities like splitting bills, doing the cleaning, and grocery shopping. The thing is, I’d rather do that for myself and all by myself than living with other people my age with whom I don’t have a romantic relationship or share a family bond of some sort.

I reached this conclusion in full force after having to spend a weekend at home with my sister and her boyfriend. My mom went out on a trip, so it was the three of us, plus our two dogs. It was supposed to be a weekend, my time of resting and doing my own thing while mentally and physically preparing for another week of work. Let me tell you, I didn’t rest one bit.

I felt like there was a whole lot to do, which looking back I guess my mom does, but I ended up doing, and it made me upset that I had to do somebody else’s job. If somebody cooks and leaves the kitchen like a hellhole, then they should clean up because they were the ones who made a mess. That’s what I think, but I know in reality most people would agree that someone cooks and then another person does the dishes and cleans the kitchen. My sister and her boyfriend made pancakes one day. Do you know how long it took me to clean up all of their mess?

This might not be a thought many of you share with me, but I’d rather have a tiny apartment just for myself, and I’d rather spend all of my free time cleaning it, than having to clean somebody else’s mess. I feel that the weekend with my sister and her boyfriend was a test for me, and I believe I failed it, at least in the roommate department. No, not for me, thank you though.

In the comments tell me about yourself and your living experience. Do you have or have you had any roommates? How did it go? What advice would you give to someone who’s going to live with more people in the future?

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

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