H&M Haul

H&M Haul

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Hello and happy Sunday. Welcome to Summertime Madness, a month in which I’ll be sharing posts every single day. To begin this wonderful month, I want to show you some stuff I got at H&M in Bogota at the beginning of the year. This wasn’t a planned shopping spree or anything, but (as always when it comes to shopping) I went a little crazy and bought the cutest things for considerably low prices. Let’s get started, shall we?

I know that by the time this post gets published, I’ll already be living in the States, but as of right now I’m still living in Colombia. I want to clarify that because I bought most of these clothes thinking about my life in Colombia and not in the States, if that makes any sense.

When I went shopping, I had a trip planned to Cartagena, which is a seaside city. This means that, unlike Bogota, where I live, the weather is always warm and sunny and nice. This means that I needed some footwear for when I was going out for dinner because I couldn’t wear my regular cold-weather shoes, and sandals would probably be way too informal. These are like an in-between, you know? They aren’t really shoes, but they aren’t sandals either, and the best part is that I got them for about $7.20.

I live for long sleeve shirts because I don’t like showing off my tattoos all the time, and also long sleeves, in my opinion, make an outfit look classier. I’m not a classy girl by any means, but sometimes I like to pretend I am. I got this shirt in a size L, so it’s a little big for me, which I don’t mind at all, especially because I only paid about $5.40 for it. Plus, did you see the detail in the sleeves? To die for.

This is the simplest black dress, with a flowy silhouette and spaghetti straps. Why did I buy it? Because sometimes that’s all I need to wear over a swimsuit when I spend a weekend by the pool. I would define this as a “mom dress” because it’s not something I’d wear to be sexy but to be comfortable (not that moms can’t be sexy, okay? I’m just thinking this is something I’d wear as a mom). I got it for $2.90, and all I want to do now is get this same dress in every color.

These are fancy pants, okay? And I needed a pair. They’re high-waisted and they have the cutest details at the bottom (which you can’t see because I’m an awful photographer), and they make my legs look so long and pretty I couldn’t resist. They originally were $46.44, and trust me, I would never pay that much for a pair of H&M pants, but I got them for $18. I did have to get them tailored because, even if I have super long legs, these pants were even longer, but I’ve already worn them for special events and felt like a queen in them.

Remember the shoes/sandals at the beginning of this haul? Well, I really got them to go with this jumpsuit. Listen, I’m a tall girl, and I look great wearing jumpsuits, but Bogota is not a place for them. I got this beauty for that dinner in Cartagena, and let me tell you, I looked good. I got this for $12.60, and just like the mom dress, if I lived by the beach, I’d wear it every day and night.

For a while, I was obsessed with skirts, and I think I got this one to remind me of that past obsession. I’ve worn it twice since, and I really like how I look in it, even though it’s mid-length, and I always used to reach for skirts and dresses that showed my knees. It was $7.20, so not super cheap for a skirt, but also not as expensive. I think I’ll give this another shot, and then I’ll probably sell it?

This shirt is another item I’m debating whether to keep it or sell it. I got it to wear at home, and I bet I was especially thinking about getting clothes to wear after quitting my job, but this is just weird. I like tight clothes, and I like fitted clothes, but this shirt is way too loose on top and then too tight in my belly area, and we all know that’s never good. You can adjust the fit, but I still don’t feel comfortable in this shirt, and I don’t think it was worth the $5,40 I paid.

Finally, let’s get a moment to admire these cute AF gold sandals. When I saw the straps and buckles I doubted whether these were going to be comfortable, but they feel just like a dream. I paid $4.32 for them, which now makes me think that I should’ve gotten them in other colors as well.

In the comments below tell me what your favorite item was out of all the ones I hauled.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila