LookHUMAN Mini Haul

LookHUMAN Mini Haul

Bellelily Exclusive Tops Up To 60% Off

Hello and happy Saturday. Now that I officially and unapologetically do fashion stuff in this blog, I’d like to show you my absolute favorite brand when it comes to graphic shirts. As the title indicates, I’m talking about LookHUMAN, and if you haven’t already, then you should totally check it out. Today I’m showing you four pieces of clothing I have from this brand. Let’s get started, shall we?

Hoodies are usually $40, although when I got this, there was a sale going on and I got it at a discount. I love it because it’s the perfect balance between warm and cool. If you ever travel to Bogotá, you’ll understand why I appreciate an item of clothing like this one.

Ironically enough, no one was able to see me wearing this shirt while I was at work because I had to wear a uniform on it. This is the classic graphic tee with a round neck. It’s fitted, which I love because I always lean towards tighter clothes, and it looks great with jeans or black skinny pants. Like the other items I’m sharing in this haul, this is a size M.

Tees are usually $23.99, but I got mine for $19.99. There are always sales going on in the LookHUMAN site, so keep an eye out for them.

I haven’t been able to wear this tank top yet because I haven’t gone to the gym since I got it last week. I got this with the hoodie, so I did get a discount on it. The regular price is $23.99, though. I really like this kind of tops for working out. The fabric is thin and flowy. and the silhouette is loose so I won’t feel like I’m being smothered while working out. Also, I relate 100% to what it says.

This is the first item I got from LookHUMAN, and I actually bought it through Amazon and not directly from the brand’s site. I paid $29.99 for this, and, like the hoodie, is the perfect piece of clothing for Bogotá weather. I wear this as a long-sleeve shirt on days that are not warm enough to wear a shirt, but that are not too cold that I need a jacket, and it keeps me in a comfortable temperature.

Are you into graphic shirts? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila

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