How I Use My Reading Planner

How I Use My Reading Planner

Hello and happy Wednesday. As I promised in a previous post, today I want to share with you how I use the reading planner I got in my December OwlCrate. Let’s get started, shall we?









I want to start off by saying that I use my planner to keep track of the books I’m reading, rather than to organize my reads, if that makes any sense. Whenever I start a new book, I like to add it to the “Favorite Books” section, and I especially enjoy seeing how it turns more colorful with time as I include more titles.






Because I often read several books at a time, I like to use the monthly calendar to record the date when I start a new read. On the fifteenth of every month, I also write down the title of the book from the reading challenge I’m doing in Spanish. When I finish a book, I sometimes like to cross out the title.





The book log is like a companion to the calendar in the previous picture. Here I’ll just write down the date when I finish reading a book, the title and my rating on it. I use the other page to review the books from the monthly challenge, given that I have a separate notebook where I write down my thoughts on all the other books I read.






Finally, there’s the weekly planner. I use this to plan both my blog posts and the products I put up on Teachers Pay Teachers. Basically, under each day I’ll write the posts that I need to schedule, in the To-Do List I have all of my product ideas for TpT, and then in the reading list I write all the titles of the books I’m currently reading. As you see, I highlight whatever has been done to make my weekly planning sessions easier.

Do you have a reading planner or any sort of tracking system for your books? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila