The Baltimore Haul

The Baltimore Haul

Hello and happy Saturday. It’s been over a month since I got back home from Baltimore, and it’s obviously going to be even longer than that when this post gets published, and yet I hadn’t shared with you all the stuff I got from my trip. Honestly, though, I got so much stuff, I had to buy a duffel bag. It was not just stuff from me; I love getting presents for my people, so that was also partly why I came back with twice as much luggage. I’m going to haul everything I bought for myself, but I’m not going to include prices because that would make this post way longer (and also because I didn’t keep the invoices with me). Let’s get started, shall we? 

So, of course, I first have to tell you about the books I bought. The radical feminist in me got She Persisted Around the World by Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger, as well as Difficult Women by Roxane Gay.

I got the Hello Kitty Little Book of Happiness because I love Hello Kitty and I have one other little book like this, and I think they will both look great over a coffee table one day. For that same reason, I got The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey, which you should definitely read if you haven’t already.

I also got You’re Not That Great: (but neither is anyone else) by Elan Gale because I’m at a point in my life in which I feel like I need to hear (or, you know, read) some hard truths about adulting, and that nobody around me is going to tell them to me.

One big conclusion I came to during that first week in Baltimore was “man, this city is expensive,” and by that what I really meant was “where are

all the sales?”


That didn’t stop me from buying some clothes, though. I got those cute pointed flats at H&M, and I’ve only worn them once because I feel they’re too classy to wear everyday. I also got the cutest bodysuit at Victoria’s Secret, and I already wore it when I went to Cartagena with my sister. Next to the bodysuit is a jumpsuit I got at Marshall’s because it was super discounted. I got it in a Large, which is my go-to size for full-body clothing items, but it was too long for my legs, so I’m having it tailored. The sleeves are three-quarters, so it can be worn in colder weather, with the H&M flats and a cute cardigan over it.


I went to GAP and took advantage of the fact that there was a 40% off storewide sale going on, and I stocked up on cold-weather clothes. I got that cute black and white sweater, and the cream cardigan. I also got that black blouse, which has very cute details going up the long sleeves, for a really low price. Now, I think the blouse was so cheap because it was supposedly a Small, when we all know it had to be larger for me to fit into it. That’s something that has happened to me with GAP as well as Old Navy (and probably happens in Banana Republic as well): some items have the wrong size label, so they end up in clearance.

The blessed shirt is from Marshall’s and it makes me feel like an authentic Real Housewife. I got the dark blue zombie shirt for free at the Geppi’s Entertainment Museum because I (almost) spent $40 at their store. I actually got two free shirts, but was wearing the other one when I took the picture.

Let’s talk about food, babies, because I feel that from my last trip to this one, my sugar and junk intake decreased by a lot. Yes, I ate fries and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch at least three of the seven days of my trip, but I didn’t feel like eating Cool Ranch Doritos up until the day of my return.

I also got Wheat Thins because to me they beat any other kind of snack basically on planet earth. As for sweets, I got pretzel M&M’s, a Reese’s egg, and an Oreo, mint chip Milka (I ate one of the bars and left the other one for my mom… my body only accepts mint and chocolate in December, apparently). Oh, and I also got the Dove peanut butter eggs, and let me tell you, I was obsessed with them. I liked those even more that Reese’s because I felt that the peanut butter in the Dove chocolates was way creamier.

I don’t know why I put Drogon’s egg next to two skincare items, but probably I didn’t have anywhere else to place it. What can I say? I’ll take as much GoT merchandise as I can find and afford.

The two products that follow were absolute life savers during my trip. One is the L’Oreal Revitalift Volume Filler night cream, which I got at Marshall’s for way less than $25, and which basically made my skin go back to life every night, after a day of being exposed to the cold wind. I use it every night now, and I’m in love.

Next to it is the Beauty 360 daily lotion for dry skin I picked up at CVS because my hands were starting to feel and look like a dry mess.

Before you give me shit for it, I want you to smell the Our Moment perfume by One Direction. I talked about the lotion in my Things That Smell Nice post and, yes, I admitted that I only bought it because it was from One Direction. This perfume, though, which has the same scent as the lotion, I got because I wanted to have that fragrance again in my life.

Finally, we have a Dead Sea Mineral facial serum I got at Marshall’s, which I apply after washing my face every morning, and I really like how my skin feels afterwards.

In the comments below, tell me what was your favorite item out of everything I hauled.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila